Group 838

Puzzle 1

Parts of roses to make rosewater with
Placement after bronze
A small dent in the cheeks that shows when smiling
Greek deities overthrown by the Olympians
This Michael played Batman in 1989
The rapper husband of Cardi B
Insulated drink vessels for hot drinks on the move
Space Seattle tower built for the World Fair
Agatha Christie’s mystery-solving Miss
Searches for knowledge, crusades

Puzzle 2

What Stephenie Meyer’s vampires do
The British Royal family is the House of
Arcade Fire’s It’s Never Over is known as Hey
Grand, spacious residence
Light running outside for prolonged cardio
End of a romantic relationship
A triangle with three sides of different lengths
The country where Butch and Sundance retreat to
Using high heat and oil to cook meat and veggies
Strongest spotted jungle cat that climbs trees
Stiff but transparent fabric used in ball gowns

Puzzle 3

Golf redos
These are asked
Rainbow pieces scattered on cakes
Inspirational targets to aim towards
Soft metal (Nd), used to dye glass
Clacking instruments used in flamenco dancing
Highest German military decoration
Medical conditions like Stockholm and Münchausen
French isles also known as Desolation Islands
Alfred film director who popped up as an actor

Puzzle 4

German castle at which Martin Luther took refuge
Steel who wrote more than 140 romance novels
Guilty; at fault
Monetary incentive for making a purchase
The largest city in China
Pain experienced in the skull
Asian orange spice of the ginger family
Stephen King’s evil car Christine was this make
Dangle of sticky stuff to trap insects
Volcanic glass used in some scalpel blades
Silk Japanese painted wall-hanging, left unframed
Tennis swing across the body
What TLC doesn’t want, otherwise known as bustas
father, male credited with creating a nation
New world monkey also known as a zari
Witch’s sidekick in animal form

Puzzle 5

Element with atomic number 12 and symbol Mg
Ship crewmembers task with physical labor
The organ system responsible for processing food
Filmed tale of an innocent prisoner’s redemption
Cover furniture with padding
Tiny package of computer machinery in devices
Wedged writing on tablets from ancient Mesopotamia
Spun silk used to catch bugs
A book that lists synonyms
When all runs perfectly as planned, it’s like