Group 837

Puzzle 1

Short documentary piece about current affairs
Transition metal Ta, used in electronic components
French song about a lark about to be plucked
Select personally rather than automated by machine
Hitting or crushing an insect
A chronic condition with high blood sugar levels
Caribbean island where Rihanna is from
Cork surface on which notices are displayed
Flat style of shoe with a strap across the instep
Sailor who travels the oceans
Group of songs that motivates a workout
Sauvignon, red wine grape
A bird whose pink plumage is due to its diet
When one’s upper jaw is farther out than the lower
Individual divisions of a novel

Puzzle 2

Collections of signatures demanding change
Prestigious New York drama school founded in 1905
Common dog breeds, labrador or golden
Johnny Depp plays a pirate from this region
Kids should pay this while being read to
Secret nightclub during the prohibition era
Representative who keeps celebrities in the news
Amphibious agent saved by Hellboy
Beatles song about the previous 24 hours
Muscles of the chest strengthened by planking
Mythical rabbit with horns
Outgoing life and soul of the party
Unformatted typing in a document, not rich
Ashton Kutcher was a pro in his show Punk’d

Puzzle 3

A five-limbed sea creature
Minus or take away in mathematics
Puppet maker in the Pinocchio story
identity; confuse someone with another person
It borders Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala
Nathan Lane & Robin Williams nightclub film: The
Protective structure as a defense from attack
Italian salt cured pork belly
He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee
Paris education institute
What Jeremiah was, according to Three Dog Night

Puzzle 4

Windy, blowy; easy
Fox who steals from Dora the Explorer
Faddish two-wheeled vehicle people balance on
Winnie-the-Pooh’s sad friend
The one someone selected by a higher power
Music played on two speakers for full sound
An invertebrate with six legs and a pair of wings
Round shape of a group of dancers
Vitamin B9
Southern Italy coastline, popular with tourists

Puzzle 5

Silk shells made by moths
Collect and edit into a single volume
A mexican pepper, mildly spicy and served stuffed
Famous vacuum flask brand
Aristotle ; Greek shipping magnate
Blue Pokémon that sleeps a lot
Half-human, half-bird females in Greek mythology
Criminal who breaks into homes
Gruesome, ghoulish, describes ghostly tales
Bart Simpson often rides one
Hobbyist learning a craft
Burgeoning Hollywood actress
Come As You Are band
Computer hardware that puts ink on paper
Nickname for rubber boots