Group 836

Puzzle 1

Wave at a vehicle as a signal for it to stop
Small tuna species, seen leaping from the water
City of the first night race in Formula 1 in 2009
Vince head writer on Breaking Bad
Ronald Reagan was the US president in this decade
Support, encouragement, backing
Administrative division of Canada, e.g. Manitoba
Dark straight grain wood, largest exporter is Peru
The gorilla who climbed the Empire State Building
Trigger that starts a reaction
Alternative name for Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9
Queenly capital of Hong Kong during colonial times

Puzzle 2

Dessert like a brownie but without chocolate
Truck with a load-carrying area
Planet with a large crater named Beethoven
Product used for washing hair
Headache relief that may keep flowers fresh
German form of the name Andrew
Honeycomb home
Line ahead of you where the earth meets the sky
Physics and chemistry are areas of it
The Job; heist thriller with Venice boat chase
keepers, losers weepers; cheeky idiom

Puzzle 3

Measurement across the midpoint of a circle
South of France region associated with lavender
Ancient Hindu system of healing
Bragging about one’s achievements
This Picard meme is used to show exasperation
Tears for Fears and Gary Jules recording
This bony image is popular around Halloween
Cold pressed beef meat, from a bovine’s mouth
Blizzard game World of
Raised surface to put your foot on before entering
Introductory statement that starts a book
Fourth day of the work week

Puzzle 4

Save a copy of a file or document, just in case
Type of calendar used before the Gregorian
To disappear suddenly and without reason
Stretched holes in one’s ears
Foot bone roughly shaped like a square prism
Oldest game in history, play with string, Cat’s
George created Big Brother in 1984
What the tax office does to businesses
Musical about T Birds and Pink Ladies
Bedside how a doctor interacts with patients
Giant folkloric Norwegian squid that sank boats
Cereus, Saguaro, or Prickly Pear
Capital of Saskatchewan
Asian plucked stringed instruments of Ravi Shankar

Puzzle 5

Underground lab beneath Italian Apennine peak
Like Siamese twins
Band known for I Want to Know What Love Is
Tool that improves memory through word association
A Great Dane who solves mysteries
It takes a lot of this to finish a marathon
Space where official legal trials are held
Captain Haddock’s first name in Tintin series
Vertical drop of a river, a tourism highlight