Group 835

Puzzle 1

Madonna sings My Love
The website where you leave your tweets
shears, scissors that create zigzag edges
French president who married Carla Bruni
Company that makes cowboy hats
Force drawing mass to the earth’s core
Dan actor of The Blues Brothers and Caddyshack
Rapidly, smartly, energetically
Norse hero of William Morris’ epic tragic poem
Wally led the British Trans-Arctic Expedition
Invisible barrier to progress: glass

Puzzle 2

Spyware program that records a user’s typing
Ben Stiller film about model brainwashed to kill
Creole dish with spicy tomato sauce and seafood
Working tirelessly, like a semi-aquatic mammal
Obsession with arsen and setting things on fire
Place in Los Angeles where movies are made
To promote a brand or product
Subtropical tree with lilac flowers
The stage of a caterpillar while in the cocoon
Deluge of snow; risk to skiers

Puzzle 3

Broadway musical The of the Opera
Long-eared scent hounds
River and Rain Phoenix’s little brother
Spreading outwards, e.g. nostrils
Piece of trivia
What is revealed when wearing a crop top
Folk music from Trinidad with improvisation
Country that has two capitals, Sucre and La Paz
Judy actress who portrayed Dorothy
Night Fever band
Famous statue by Edvard Eriksen: The Little
Personal expert hired to make people fitter
X-Men villain who can control metals
Italian sheep’s milk cheese that means recooked
Announce, proclaim
The city where the Flintstones live
King and grandfather of Romulus in Roman mythology
North African country, independent in 1962

Puzzle 4

Hosted service provider
Greek cucumber dip
Digestive organ once considered vestigial
Emotion personified by a green monster
Largest city in New Zealand
One who summons spirits
Stone fruits commonly seen on slot machine reels
Rudolph; Austrian noble patron of Beethoven
These hairs help cats navigate
David Copperfield performs this type of trick
Appearance that is the opposite of aged
Fourth film in the Mad Max movie series

Puzzle 5

pill to swallow, an unpalatable situation
Hard and brittle, like well-cooked bacon
Small nibble to try something before buying it
The person in charge of a newspaper or magazine
Band who talked about my g-g-g-generation
Newton’s device with swinging spheres
Fern or palm leaves
Indiana Jones wore this kind of hat
Ceremony with a specific routine