Group 834

Puzzle 1

Woodwind instrument whose name means small trumpet
Sudden blast of hard rain
Ancient language of Hindu scriptures
Two-part glasses invented by Ben Franklin
A photographer can use one to set a scene
Sprinters, long jumpers and shot putters
Dalí, the famous Spanish painter
Son of exhortation name for Dickens’ Rudge
Biology field focused on mapping DNA
Having a jagged edge, like a bread knife
Pagan god Satyr is depicted with this instrument
Small houses, often in found in the countryside
Portobello is an example of this fungus
Scottish city sometimes called Granite City

Puzzle 2

Trading place with stalls for vendors
St Mark’s ; well-known public space in Venice
To work from home instead of from an office
A type of fairy; a clear soda
Asian mountain dogs with reddish fur
Kong, Nintendo arcade game
Demonstrates truth and fact
Maker of the first feature length animated movie
The individual steps on a staircase
Jean-Luc of Star Trek fame

Puzzle 3

You don’t want to be caught with your hand in one
Also known as an ace in golf
London square, home to Nelson’s Column
Slumber party
Tiny image representative of a digital file
Notional point at the top of the globe
Tree species that stays alive through the winter
A celebration that is French for Fat Tuesday
Math expressions with an equals sign

Puzzle 4

The first artificial satellite sent into space
Flight operating company
Someone who posts regular videos to YouTube
Betty fictional maker of cake mixtures
Fashion accessory used to hold belongings
Tom Jones hit about a man who murders his lover
up the wrong tree, means making a wrong choice
The Disney character who found a magic lamp
Bone in the knee
Angelica Pickles is this cartoon’s spoiled girl
Part of the browser with every site you’ve visited

Puzzle 5

Coney Island is in this NYC borough
Instrument that greets the New Year in Scotland
Where the Mean Girls recorded their mean comments
The captive princess with extremely long hair
Skin condition where pigmentation is lost
Slow movement or stretching to end a workout
Danish former tennis player Wozniacki
To be without stress or inhibition
Scientists say this started with a big bang
Quiche made with cheese and bacon
Olden term for dating
Name of comic strip about a lazy orange cat
Scarf made from orange animal fur
Type of water snake; soft leather shoe