Group 833

Puzzle 1

pekoe, Asian black tea from the plant’s tips
Commonly mixed with hops to brew beer
Leader of the pack, in other words
Country which owns the islands of Crete and Rhodes
Venice’s glassmaking island
2020 horror film based on Japan’s Ju-On: The
Amazon’s hand-held e-reading device
The F in sunscreen’s SPF
Short-haired dogs that might be good at punching?

Puzzle 2

Marvel superhero team
Number with a value less than zero
Pain from spinal or muscle injury
Swiss watch range for children, made by Swatch
To have been given bounty in exchange for work
Ribbon-like parasite in animal intestines
Hair trimming device for close-cropped styles
Author of the novel Le Rouge et le Noir
Jazz festival on the shores of Lake Geneva
Programs for accessing the web; Chrome and Safari
Cabbage-like veg with space-age-looking antennae
Theseus rescued her from Creon
Actress who played Arwen in The Lord of the Rings
Spring annual super-spruce-up of a house
Moist sheets for cleaning surfaces

Puzzle 3

Spanish for motorway
Photovoltaic source of power
An X-Men superhero with retractable claws
Storage building for large quantities of stock
Harm, damage, decline
Headlamp wearing explorer of caves
Traditional cuddly toy that’s ursine
Glass plate used to study microscopic organisms
Short clip from a speech on TV or radio
Invertebrates including spiders and scorpions
Person or project with little chance of success

Puzzle 4

Swinging weight that tells time in a clock
Pan-fried or grilled Japanese food
What is applied to foam rollers to relieve pain
Beloved; famous Beethoven love letter
Vicious mythical snake born from a chicken egg
Roland The Day After Tomorrow director
Budapest’s epithet from its roots of Buda and Pest
Moroccan liquid fat used on hair and skin
What foam rollers apply to release strain
Latin name meaning seventh-born
Tongue phrases that are tricky but fun to say
Started a rocket on its journey
Policy of a political group
Businesses accounts that are overseas
The first emperor of France

Puzzle 5

A Chinese tile-based game played by four people
Woman: Picasso’s follow-up painting to Guernica
Beyond your dreams, better than you can imagine
Styling cylinders for making hair wavy
Exonerate or acquit a defendant
Potassium-rich yellow fruits
The Passenger’s James Newell Osterberg
Happy ones usually finish fairy tales
The personal home screen of a computer
When the sun covers the moon or vice versa
Hindu universal soul or binding unity of existence
Not frowning, showing pleasure
Language spoken by Ashkenzai Jews in Europe
Tirana is its capital