Group 832

Puzzle 1

Golden lampstand for seven candles in Judaism
Fonda, star of Single White Female
Medical specialty of the ear
French ski resort linked to Avoriaz
The spice of life, according to a saying
To Venezuelans, he was El Liberador : Simon
Gaming system like a PlayStation or Xbox
The fruit of a tree from the palm family
Polish for wood collected from hives
in the Deep, song by Adele
Irrigation trenches
Made narrower, as with trousers
1990s TV show about six buddies in NYC
Arrive there a few hours early to clear security
Portuguese fortified wine
Going bad, decaying

Puzzle 2

Method and strategy of adaptive teaching
Grazing African mammals with permanent horns
Headwear worn in the winter with two puffs
Broaden your ; expand your interests
A Greek creature that is half-man and half-bull
The end of the world
Indian chicken dish made in a clay oven
Tool that helps smooth photo images
The partridge sits in this in 12 Days of Christmas

Puzzle 3

A substance that enhances food, like relish
The tuna is found in tropical oceans worldwide
Adjective of Margery Williams’ picture book rabbit
Series of Van Gogh’s paintings featured these trees
Pharaoh who started Aten worship
Discuss and work through a deal
Lowest female singing voice, like Cher’s
To transmit something via radio or television
Colombian port named after Spanish naval city
Manual restraints used by police officers
Dutch Golden Age painter of The Laughing Cavalier
A blockage in an organ or blood vessel
Instrument used for stargazing
Princely state, e.g. Oman or Brunei
Place of retreat for one seeking seclusion
Tomorrow Brosnan’s second outing as Bond

Puzzle 4

Making small, final changes to a design
Archers aim for one during competitions
Beanie Babies dinosaur sent into space in 2020
Domestic pet in the same family as a weasel
When music is released illegally before planned
A James Cameron movie with blue creatures
Dr. Bruce who becomes the Hulk
Unit of measurement of pressure or stress
Small nation located on Borneo
Love me ; romantic 1956 Elvis hit song and movie
Italian spicy cold sausage

Puzzle 5

Theatrical performance district in New York City
Saying or singing a ritual phrase repeatedly
Leaflet; printed information booklet
Name of the Iberian Peninsula in Roman times
Volume, largest amount that a container can hold
The body’s chemical messengers; cortisol & insulin
Trinket that you hang on a Christmas tree
Fish that live and feed on or near the ocean floor
One of the very hottest curries
Aromatic spice; she birthed the devil’s baby
of you, you’re in my thoughts
Popular Netflix horror series: Things
and the Machine, flame-haired singer
Baseball star Joe married Marilyn Monroe