Group 831

Puzzle 1

Careful observation of something
Dress that’s a short, sleeveless type of nightwear
Christmas play based on the birth of Jesus Christ
Mix fat and vinegar together thoroughly
Prosciutto; thinly sliced Italian deli meat
Senders of junk emails
House of fish exhibits and moody lighting
Direction of prevailing trade winds
Lopez, Aniston, and Hudson
An optimist will see their glass this way

Puzzle 2

This Johnny starred in stunt-based MTV show
Lower rear bone of the skull
Carl reporter played by Dustin Hoffman on film
The home of tango; its capital is Buenos Aires
This Spencer wed Charles, became princess
To kill a plant with excessive H2O
Able to initiate change, forward-thinking
Casino card game also called Twenty-one
And’ symbol, combo of et, the latin word for and
The symbol &, which stands for and
Many bears do this during the winter months
Fellow members of a rock or pop group
Implanted device that regulates heart rhythm
Deliberate destruction of someone else’s property
Where copied text is stored on a computer
Black object on a pool table
Young adult dystopian series by Veronica Roth
Group that performs research & advocacy

Puzzle 3

Gila ; American lizard with toxic saliva
When dining partners pay for their own meal
A place where beer is made and sold
The lightest-known metal, used in batteries
French detective created by Georges Simenon
sweep, dark first-footer with coal
Popular old VWs
Daily process repeated for productivity and health
Green sushi ingredient called nori in Japanese
To take an image/record a moment
Multiple options, like which restaurant to go to

Puzzle 4

Hindu denomination with supreme being Shiva
A hopping marsupial from Australia
Legume from a Beech tree roasted for the holidays
Last performance before retirement
An expert in the design and repair of firearms
Motif featuring combined letters or initials
Purple, scented flower with relaxing essential oil
He played a cat in Shrek 2
Tags or keywords describing content of a web page
Shallow, Bad Romance and Paparazzi singer
Printed work used in classrooms
Boxer Oscar who faced Pacquiao in 2008 superfight

Puzzle 5

I’ll never be your beast of – Rolling Stones
Death ; highly venomous Australian land snakes
Pedro Alvares European discoverer of Brazil
Lessons taught at the end of many books
Mythological male creature, half fish half human
Bryce Howard, Jurassic World actress
More divine than
Cartoon Inspector who was father to Penny
A unit of measurement of an angle or temperature
Artwork made of many vivid glass pieces
Grout-like material between bricks
Left or right motions on Tinder to find a mate
Pre-dinner finger food
Grammatical unit that can be main or dependent
Hitchcock film with tie-killer Bob Rusk