Group 830

Puzzle 1

Suntanned, like a third-place medal
A red one of these fish leads a detective astray
Strongly spiced Indian condiment
Don who plays Rhodes in Iron Man movies
Weakness or infirmity
Prayers assigned after confession in Catholicism
Doctor Who aliens that cannot be remembered: the
Male bird known for its extravagant tail feathers
Bronze Age capital of the Hittite Empire
Singer-songwriter of Arms of a Woman
Family name of Bilbo in The Hobbit
Messaging forum or group for a business on Slack
Where actors perform farthest from the audience
US coin worth 25 cents or one-fourth of year

Puzzle 2

Nerve cell branches transmit signals
The moment of victory in chess
Clickable text that brings you to another website
1993 sci-fi comedy with pointy-skulled aliens
Greater she-bear in the sky
Simon’s music partner until troubled waters
Studio 54 was a famous one in the 1970s
Temporary covering to block someone’s sight
Symbols of St. Patrick
Belgian city named after King Charles
An Italian pasta often served with meatballs
Lizard that changes its appearance by its mood
Nerve cell branches which transmit synapses

Puzzle 3

Why so serious? asked this villain
Samsung makes these phones
Austrian lake with salt mines and ice caves
These very hard gems are made from carbon
Ancient culture of north-western Italy
Snakes and spiders with toxins in their fangs
Someone on a honeymoon
Woven design piece hung on a wall
Ab exercise done by raising limbs while lying down
One single unit of precipitation
Arcade game hand control for steering
stock, means the subject of much mirth
The zodiac sign represented by a water bearer
The homeland of Cristiano Ronaldo
George Bailey’s angel in It’s a Wonderful Life
J.Lo and Shakira headlined the Super Bowl show

Puzzle 4

rack, to allow wet artworks to dehydrate
A substance used to give a surface extra shine
The surname of the blonde bombshell, Marilyn
Secure bank boxes for keeping precious items safe
Herb that felines love
French brandy and its birth town
Home appliance; low pressure atmosphere in space
Large and flatish volcano type, like Mauna Kea
He is the older brother of Gretel

Puzzle 5

Act cooler than one feels, play something off
Flat-bottomed Venetian boat smaller than a gondola
Vodka tequila drink with vodka aka Russian
A series starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
Horse-drawn wheeled vehicle in ancient times
Jimmy of Vertigo and The Philadelphia Story
Safety devices to absorb impact in a car crash
Measurement that’s not Fahrenheit
Summertime Blues singer Eddie
The main theme of Romeo and Juliet
Wrap yourself in this for warmth
Six-sided shape found in a beehive
Elusive, avoiding the issue