Group 829

Puzzle 1

One who courts another
Describes the goatherd in The Sound of Music
Snow White’s dwarf friend who is always snoring
Directions, dialogue for actors to follow
Charlie Brown’s grubby, dust-covered friend
Caesar, ruler who was assassinated
Capital city of Germany, once divided by a wall
Joe is the subject of a Tiger King documentary
Surgical stitch to seal a wound
Very famous university in South East England

Puzzle 2

Puerto ; underground river in the Philippines
To leave one’s homeland for citizenship elsewhere
S African city founded by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652
Most common element in the air we breathe
His porridge was just right for Goldilocks
Japanese dish of chicken grilled on a skewer
Leaves of a coriander plant, common taco topping
False teeth worn over the gums
Up on your feet, not sitting
Nationality of composers Mozart and Strauss

Puzzle 3

on the vine, or slowly decaying through neglect
Solve an arithmetic problem
This morning meal can be served in bed
Ian McEwan novel turned Oscar-winning film
Strong-smelling herb made famous by hippies
Happens right before midnight on New Year’s Eve
Dedicated, handheld video recording device
Liver condition where scars replace normal tissue
MTV show of rockers playing acoustic songs
Arnold, Wong and Cumberbatch
Prequel to The Conjuring, about a scary doll
Mr. Arnold, Mr. Wong, and Mr. Cumberbatch

Puzzle 4

Code cracked by symbologist Robert Langdon
Scary creature common in children’s books
Web allows individuals to post a web page
Child’s toy figure with a cloth body
Words spoken to damage someone’s reputation
An enveloped pasta dish with meat and cheese
Middle Age garments with draping sleeves
Ten Commandments were written on these stones
Any currently inactive volcano is this
Marine mammal also known as a sea cow
Skin condition of broken blood vessels and redness
In strata, having many sections, like an onion
In Wicked, Glinda decides to help Elphaba be this

Puzzle 5

Video game franchise with evil chaser monkeys
Kevin Costner played one to Whitney Houston
Carefree summer palace of King of Prussia
Five-point star used as a religious symbol
Like a close relationship between two organisms
Ancient water distribution system
Got better after an illness
This device predicts weather by pressure changes
Distracting thoughts that divert concentration
A thick sauce made by boiling