Group 828

Puzzle 1

Leading Mongol strategist of Genghis Khan
US first lady Roosevelt or queen of Aquitaine
Style of stitching, fabric for bedding
A sweet treat eaten at the end of a meal
This band member plays the lowest-pitch guitar
City that hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games
Ending, finishing
Fata mirage named after Arthurian sorceress
German who made continental drift theory popular

Puzzle 2

Place where goods enter and exit with no customs
A desktop icon that brings you straight to a site
French loaf, means stick
On a higher floor of a building, via steps
A washer does this to clothes to clean them
Austrian born film actor and director Erich von
A medical sample for testing
Legislative branch of the US government
Most south-westerly county of the United Kingdom
High platform shoes worn in the 16th century
Judas betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin

Puzzle 3

night, an oil canvas by Vincent van Gogh
a España; Spanish multi-stage cycling race
Every cloud has a lining
Orville Wright’s brother
Promising hit for All-4-One in 1994
A Swiss dish with melted cheese or chocolate
Fuel used by semi trucks; Italian denim brand
Scarcity, uncommonness
Groups of boys and girls earning merit badges
2015 Disney film about emotions, Out
Motorcycle riders
Llama-like animal we can get silky wool from
Brightest star in the Aquila constellation

Puzzle 4

It’s what unused muscles become
Term used to adjust pictures; an editing software
Christian sacrament reenacting the Last Supper
Hit the nail come up with the exact answer
Science fantasy genre inspired by Victorian era
Looney Tunes character who quacks
A tall perennial plant with yellow petals
Land surrounded by water on 3 sides, like Florida
The number above the line in a fraction
Dried salty strips of cattle meat
Table and storage cabinet common among craftsmen

Puzzle 5

Saucer-style object in throwing game
Cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a poodle
Check these before buying a product
Olympic event involving slender swords
Mini burgers served as canapés
Bach’s east Germany burial city
Cher questions if people in life after love
Women stand out on one when serenaded
Edward Tylor, founder of cultural anthropology
Physical artform that trains you for combat
Route of cells that impulses travel in the brain
Running late, not on schedule
Category of literature about imaginary events
He plays Watson to Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock