Group 827

Puzzle 1

Cartoon-style icons used as profile pictures
There’s no time like it
Round or rectangular bundle of dried straw
The brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation
Seeker says this when finding the hider
War in which the Battle of Balaclava was fought
Vengeance, retaliation, reprisal
Records of someone’s life experiences
Frosty, Olaf, and Michael Keaton’s Jack Frost
Mononymed singer of I Think We’re Alone Now
Cardboard cutout design to trace through

Puzzle 2

An expert in illusions or sleight-of-hand
Small putting activity to get balls in holes
-Partenkirchen, venue of 1936 Winter Olympics
Amusing initial encounter of two characters
Optimistic attitude; the nubbed side of a battery
Form of carbon found in pencils
Circus-style athletes who tumble
Sahara Oryx species reintroduced to the wild
The P in PDF; Document Format
US president at the turn of the 20th century
Burrito casing

Puzzle 3

Basil the Great Mouse Detective’s sidekick
Joints that link feet to legs
Gave clues as to something
Punta della ; gallery in Venice customs building
Musical A Line, focuses on Broadway dancers
Outer casing for pies
Mouse pointer indicator on a computer screen
Person who hangs ten
Solar tech lets people capture this from the sun
City; oil rich capital with same name as state
Quin forms a partnership with Satterthwaite

Puzzle 4

World’s largest pasta producer, founded in 1877
Paul the Provençal Impressionist painter
80s singer called The Queen of Pop
King Arthur’s castle
Land that King Arthur ruled
Will Smith superhero movie comedy
An alloy of mercury with another metal
Conflict, military action
Maiden name of Lady Diana
Hearts, Disney multi-world videogame
Vein easily found on the neck
They fire arrows
Swirling wind storm in low pressure atmospheres
A in one’s cap, a symbol of achievement
Smallish dog, can be Staffy, Border, Irish…
Ancient Egyptian script found on the Rosetta Stone

Puzzle 5

When someone unexpectedly appears in a picture
Nickname for Batman’s caped sidekick
Hunger Games sequel featuring snakes and this
Doctor focused on sneezes, rashes, hives
Andrew Lloyd Webber hit: Jesus Christ
Invertebrate with an exoskeleton
Plant scientists
Craters that open in the ground with no explanation
The private driver of a luxury vehicle
Heat for losers in rowing allowing them to advance
Catch-all term for a watch or a clock
Horizontal wooden support in a building