Group 826

Puzzle 1

Raphael is part of these mutant ninja creatures
The country where Saint Patrick’s Day began
Candidate, someone standing for election
Certificate awarded to a university graduate
Dog breed that looks like a tiny greyhound
Snipped the ends or edges off something
Shakespearean play whose title is bad luck to say
Very famous vampire from literature
Mythical creature representing Sagittarius
Lunch meat from Italian city, fried sandwiches
Large former German state on the Baltic Sea
French country home often associated with wine
Cross-body bag used to carry supplies
Mafia; nickname for Elvis’ closest associates
Virtual or digital currency
What comes after the lightning
Element which names a Californian tech valley
Funny-sounding upper arm bone
Saint Patrick is this country’s patron saint
Someone who pretends to be someone else online

Puzzle 2

Miserable, unhappy, sad
Musical composition to highlight a soloist
French mathematician with a famous triangle
Greek capital
Italians call this food Pomodoro
Pomodoro in Italian
Blood vessel connected to the heart, pulmonary
James Bond movie: Quantum of
A photographer’s primary tool
The type of exercise that raises your heart rate
Spanish rice dish which originated in Valencia

Puzzle 3

Scientific study of wasps
The ; Mel Brooks Broadway-based 2005 movie
Spies operate this way, with concealed identity
Term for a pirate who raided Spanish colonies
Land of the Japan’s early morning nickname
Below-ground levels for cool summer workouts
Laws that protect intellectual property
Austrian producer of sparkly crystals
Chemical to keep insects from damaging crops
Teeth also known as bicuspids
Military vessel that can go under water
Plant food group including broccoli and potatoes
Five-line poems

Puzzle 4

Witchy sounding name for a bunch of bats
Long-term loan to purchase a home
Simple gags that a father might tell
Hidden object sought by GPS treasure hunters
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective
Units used to measure the intensity of sound
Stimulant chemical consumed in a morning beverage
Artistic technique of crossed lines to make shadow
First-person video game in an underwater city

Puzzle 5

Isaac Russian painter of Autumn Day
Squishy, portable seat full of lentil-like balls
Description of food cooked on a barbecue
Fire breathing crossbred animal from Greek myth
Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze movie: Dirty
Volcanic Icelandic island arrived fully formed
Patrick Swayze movie: Dirty
These shakes help with muscle mass
Dense, central part of an atom
Singer of Crazy in Love, she has a Lemonade album
The residence of the pope
Extra, additional payments above a person’s salary
Regular feature on a radio show
Large tube carrying air to and from the lungs
Long-haired domestic cat breed with round face