Group 825

Puzzle 1

Tree-dwelling marsupials native to Australia
Look after kids temporarily, like a parent
Team races where a baton is carried
Promises, vows
Milk fat spread gathered from churning
Imitation or real calfskin paper
Irish site of an international oyster festival
Financial scope for a project
Individual scenes in a stop-motion animation
Howard central figure in The Aviator biopic
Playground equipment with a pivoting beam
The mythological Greeks used this wooden horse
Jean, Not my lover hit for Michael Jackson
A voice gets this way after a lot of coughing
The world’s largest country by area
They are like the body’s electrical wiring
suit, decontamination garment
Saint Paris station featured in Monet’s works

Puzzle 2

Puffy lion dog of northern China
Lines that remain the same distance apart
Pearl-shaped semolina wheat grain
The mysterious Scottish river monster
Town that the Grinch steals presents from
Everest, Fuji, Denali or Kilimanjaro
Influencer on a well-known video upload website
Day of national celebration in France, on July 14
Actress Huffman, star of Transamerica and Cake
Taken into police custody

Puzzle 3

Fictional sultanate, home to Aladdin
A show or broadcast that forms part of a series
Stephen the astrophysicist
Frightened, unnerved
Country whose capital is Mogadishu
Roman emperor ordered the building of the Pantheon
People who plan to marry are this
Do not mode to deter unwanted interruptions
Colloquial farewell in England
Footboard on wheels, pushed along by youngsters
Punk rock band fronted by Debbie Harry

Puzzle 4

A collection of related info held on a computer
The movie franchise about dinosaurs, park
Person with dark brown hair
Battle Royale video game released in 2017
Visible part of a hammerhead or great white
Santa knows one with a very shiny nose
Poem where first letter of each line spells a word
Three-movement composition with solo instruments
Measurement of the slope of a line
The official language of China
Biblical book of stories to teach ethics

Puzzle 5

Fictitious plant used to ward off lycanthropes
The Titanic is an example of this maritime fate
Waterway that Da Vinci tried to divert
spared, cost doesn’t matter, even if it’s high
David Bowie song about sinking into deep questions
Author of Tom Sawyer
Blue skies with no fluffy bits
Stiffened paper product for packaging
Common pizza topping made of spiced beef and pork
Famous lion cub bought from Harrods in 1969
Spongebob lives in this tropical fruit
2010 sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio