Group 824

Puzzle 1

Decorative technique of gluing scraps on a surface
Extreme sport on white water rapids
Captain played by Chris Evans
Wailing Irish spirit
A complete electrical network
Highest mountain range entirely in Europe
It’s said to be put over quantity
Oops, this ex-mouseketeer did it again
A time period of 100 years
Ancient currency used by the Maccabees
Print using raised dots for the visually impaired
Ancient Italian city engulfed by Mount Vesuvius

Puzzle 2

Come into sight
Time of no food
Snow ; Chasing Cars and Run rock band
Number of sides of a hendecagon
Acting technique where one becomes their role
Illustrated stories that can be read on a tablet
Regal headgear worn by kings and queens
Priestess whose advice was sought by the gods
Viaduct, French bridge created by Norman Foster
Comic book company known for The Avengers
South Asian nation with a dragon on its flag
Celery look alike veggie that tastes like licorice
emptor, Latin term for let the buyer beware
Acid deposited by muscles into the blood
Ross was on a break with her on Friends
The Book, The Bare Necessities Disney musical

Puzzle 3

Spring-loaded loop common in mountain climbing
Someone who pays taxes based on their property
Stagnant, isolated place
Said of a computer file that has been damaged
Superman’s human alter-ego
Fictional British spy 007 created by Ian Fleming
The shape of the faces of most boxes
What is said to be found at the end of a rainbow
Blanket for outdoor summer meals

Puzzle 4

Tectonic plates are doing this over time
The Greek god who sports a trident
with pride, strong sense of satisfaction
Painful infection of the intestines
Taylor Swift song about guy too pretty to look at
A game where you act out the word to players
Mouse replacement built into a laptop
Pasta ribbons a bit like spaghetti
Type of exercise class with a stationary bike
The Pied Piper of Hamelin : a poem by Robert
An organism that lives in or on a host
Adhesive labels with designs on them
Another name for the collarbone

Puzzle 5

Primary producer in a food chain
Weight loss program of eating the food of cavemen
He stole from the rich and gave to the poor
Fashionable complement in a style subscription box
Using a rope to mark off territory
An organism that eats only plant matter
Injury caused when skin is exposed to extreme cold
Wonder of the world located in Rome
What goes in a VHS player
Monopoly is an example of one
Populist leader, one who appeals to the people