Group 823

Puzzle 1

Personal folding shield from rain or sun
Dogs, rom-com with Diane Lane and John Cusack
An ocean creature capable of pregnancy
Look after a property while the owner is away
Financial records of revenue for a business
Biannual celebration in Summer and Winter
Aegean islands that include Skiathos and Skopelos
Mythological creature, bull’s head and human body
Wizard who can transform into another creature
Financial records of a business’ revenue
Classic ballad with an Irish tune written in 1913
Small male sea equine that carries eggs in a pouch
Listening device worn by an interpreter

Puzzle 2

Through the Looking Glass primary hued royal man
Medicine used to relieve heartburn or indigestion
Hugh Jackman plays the greatest one in a 2017 film
Sea, largest enclosed body of water on Earth
Types of cats with shortened appendages
Jim Carey comedy film: Ace : Pet Detective
Through the Looking Glass royal man
To be wary and timid due to dread
Common ice cream; slang for dull
Rock type formed from hardened volcanic lava
Quietly speaking messages to a deity
Transport siren using compressed gas
Description for fashions that are timeless

Puzzle 3

Steel pincers for grabbing tiny hairs
Arthur Miller play about Salem: The
In algebra, a letter with an unknown value
Stretch also called the wheel pose in yoga
Final destructive battle of the Norse gods
The Bangles sisters Debbi and Vicki
Video or audio tape
Move down in size
This was lost in John Milton’s epic poem
Invertebrates and cowards are both lacking this
The team of Marvel superheroes including Iron Man
Giveaways, promotional offers with no cost
Another name for a stock cube
First name of the man who painted the Mona Lisa

Puzzle 4

Land bordered by water on three sides like Florida
What wine-making fruits grow on
Branch of science that deals with crime scenes
Brand of lip balm used by Napoleon Dynamite
Take apart piece by piece
Where tourists might keep valuables
Mathematical formula used to suggest products
Magical story that may feature a princess
Seasonal movement, like of a Monarch butterfly
Fashionable or in vogue terms
Tabletop toy with pawns and cards

Puzzle 5

The medal given to the person who finishes third
Move quickly, like a beetle
The 24 hours that employees’ wages arrive
An extra soft wool from a specific breed of rabbit
Fred’s crush on Scooby-Doo
Root vegetable idiomatically found on a couch
Art on the ceiling of St. Mark’s Church in Venice
Fred Astaire’s dance partner, Rogers
Belt of astronomical bodies beyond Neptune
DreamWorks animation starring Justin Timberlake
The blue no 2 loco in Thomas the Tank Engine
tiger, national animal of Bangladesh
Window covering like shades or shutters
Death US desert, one of the hottest in world