Group 822

Puzzle 1

Stretching is vital post-workout to accomplish it
Fancy nifty dance steps
One of the 7 world wonders, located in Agra, India
Islands, the former name of Hawaii
Country in which The Killing Fields is set
Alcohol often called the green fairy
Decorative seed pod from a fir tree
Facial sprinklings seen most on redheads
Like the plates that shift along the Earth’s crust
Filled with vitality, sprightly
The steam-powered animal in a book by Jules Verne
Auction offer on behalf of another buyer
The faith founded by Siddhartha Gautama
Criminal who imports, exports goods and people

Puzzle 2

Futuristic World Fair landmark in Brussels
Collagen helps skin stay this
Listen in illegally to telephone conversations
Offer hints on what to select from a menu
Classic cocktail made with gin and vermouth
Instrument played by Louis Armstrong
The Police song originally banned from UK radio
Used to unlock vehicle doors and start engines
Living quarters where one sleeps
The female lead in No Strings Attached
The Police song about a woman with a red light
Capt suitor of Louisa Musgrove in Persuasion
Get advice from a professional

Puzzle 3

Restaurant for Italian cheesy pies
Dream, US ideal of liberty and prosperity
Brush hair in the wrong direction for extra volume
Al Pacino played a drug lord in this 1983 film
Second-smallest of the Canary Islands
John Keats’ poem about a beautiful Greek youth
Not required, do this if you want to do it
Fastest cats on Earth
Operating knives

Puzzle 4

A photo from the past on social media
Maze-like puzzle with choices of paths to follow
Author of The Grapes of Wrath and Cannery Row
Women’s outfits of trousers and matching jackets
Athletic competition consisting of ten events
Wrapped up like King Tut
Greek island also called Zante
Neck and shoulder muscle

Puzzle 5

Short rest, like a sleeping feline
Type of nose that Frosty the Snowman had
The other name of Jane Hopper from Stranger Things
Earth; online map service with scavenger hunt
Food that follows Jewish laws
Sensory membrane at the back of the eye
Spouted vessel for brewing, serving hot drinks
Victory of Samothrace, sculpture in The Louvre
Vessel to hold herbs and medicines to be crushed
Frisbee-like Olympic throwing object
The world’s longest river is in this continent