Group 821

Puzzle 1

Wizard leader of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
New Mexico town with UFOs
Platform that shares written code on any browser
Full first name of Phil’s twin in Rugrats
To dig up something from the soil
The devil is in the
Animals commonly pulled from magicians’ hats
Satellite and a 60s pop classic by The Tornadoes
Daily canine exercise
Of a skirt, containing small folds
Leader and mentor of the Fellowship of the Ring

Puzzle 2

The last name of Luke and Anakin from Star Wars
Written when an author is unknown
The time before adolescence
Entry point for actors in a theatrical performance
Sewn together medley of fabrics into one
Shoes with a high and narrow heel
Squishy medusoid sea creatures with many tentacles
Mountain High, hit for Ike and Tina Turner
Common building material, prone to erosion
Latin phrase for seize the day

Puzzle 3

Ring-necked bird hunted in North America
Balls of durum wheat semolina, come from Africa
Tragic Shakespeare character with three daughters
Destination where tourists pitch tents
Laundry liquid for fluffy fabrics
Major Canadian city located on an island
What Cinderella went to the ball in
Decade in which Morgan Freeman was born
In their hit song, Cypress Hill was insane in this
NATO has a phonetic one
Slab for typing on, possibly QWERTY

Puzzle 4

Citizens of Giza and Cairo
A blue green semi-precious opaque stone
Social media platform created by Kevin Systrom
Fish use gills for this process
Noise heard when breaking the sound barrier
The location of Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia
Maurice French cabaret singer and movie star
They’re the superheroes’ assistants
When older people go first: beauty
Ability to smell through receptors in the nose
Greek philosopher and Plato’s student successor
Perfume or cologne

Puzzle 5

Positive, cheerful
Author J. K. Rowling’s first name
Cinnamon and nutmeg are these
Superhero famous for his cape and cowl
The protective covering of the tooth
Pacific Ocean US state that’s alphabetically first
Lucky charm such as a bracelet to fight off evil
Mythological many-headed serpents
Collie who starred in a classic TV series
String of beads for counting Catholic prayers
Term used for an older person’s crinkly thin skin
It takes two to do these dances