Group 780

Puzzle 1

Cylindrical sponge with jam filling
The essential skeleton of a building
Listen Without Vol 1; 1990 George Michael album
What pops up when characters have an idea
Fancy dishware only used on special occasions
Person who understands without conscious reasoning
A sudden change of perspective; to open one’s eyes
Big old nag used to pulling wheeled vehicles
Friend of King Richard and robber of the rich
Work out sums, do subtractions, assess weight, etc
A feeling of losing your balance for a moment
The quality of gaining knowledge from feelings
Squid-headed sailors’ devil from bottom of the sea
Pseudonym with same initials for Emily Brontë
Brewer, sponsor of global yacht race before Volvo
Change to a lower gear or simpler way of life
Move towards, be attracted to someone

Puzzle 2

Making things such as cards, or sewing
Footwear hung over the fire at Christmastime
Reality TV show where couples exchange partners
Corvette racing car that came out in 1959
High ; superior quality of sound reproduction
An authority on how languages work
Person talented at languages
To take someone’s attention away
Light singing production pioneered by Offenbach
Putting a seat on a horse
Special Weapons and Tactics squad in the police

Puzzle 3

What the prince did to wake the sleeping princess
Watches from Switzerland; sample of fabric
Term for enlightenment in Japanese Buddhism
Portuguese capital city
license, writing convention to misuse the rules
State when the truck is full or slang for rich
Service Announcement; important broadcast
Writing typified by verses and stanzas
Unpiloted aerial vehicles used in spying
Type of musical piece; Moonlight is a famous one
Extraction of cells to test for diesease in a lab
Processed Japanese fish paste
Tiny insect found in flour
60s film with David Hemmings as a photographer

Puzzle 4

Platform for feeding feathered garden visitors
Where a batter heads after hitting the ball
Book that contains lists of synonyms
Having six sides
Feeling of love, offering kisses and tenderness
Destructive storm of heavy wind and rain
Low-pitched brass instrument like a tuba
Tall top hat associated with Abraham Lincoln
Explosively named fruit-flavored confectionery
SMERSH operative with dangerous footwear
The most prominent (fruity) person in a group
When a television series ends
Dirtiness, filthiness
Small oven that goes ping
Plaque on an office for giving occupant details
Smelly prank beloved of schoolkids
Sticky and fruity, they used to be Opal Fruits
Venice citizen who explored North American coast

Puzzle 5

Alexander British boundary-pushing designer
Horseshoe-shaped waterfall in North America
Exterior scenes shot outside a film studio
Long strings of dough in Italian and Asian cuisine
A black jungle cat with yellow eyes
Aid or donations for benevolent purposes
Come into a bequest
Current Spanish royal house
Olivia Newton-John is Hopelessly to You
Outdoor area in a movie studio for exterior shots
Prince of Monaco, married Grace Kelly