Group 779

Puzzle 1

Particle accelerators in physics research labs
Witch at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft: Pansy
Decorated half-mask worn at Venice Carnival
Someone who takes risks, sometimes foolishly
Premier of China, 1998-2003, followed Li Peng
Cold-blooded vertebrate that is born as a tadpole
German supermodel with intimate lingerie brand
Island where Central Park is found
This X-Men character also goes by Logan
You are no matter what they say says Aguilera

Puzzle 2

Easy card game for kids that requires memory
Hitchcock made a movie about a rear one
Melon creator of perfect spheres for starters
J.D. and Sacred Heart’s TV residency adventures
cough, respiratory condition of dogs
Britney who sang Baby One More Time
Two people together, eg doing a surf on same board
Fish avatar of Hindu deity Vishnu
Equal unbiased basic entitlements
Australian slang for a woman
Cry of approval for Shakespeare
Ring person who carries the ring at a wedding
Fashion designer Vanderbilt
An angle that’s more than 90 degrees
Last name of the pioneer artist of Pop Art
Recording on video or cassette
Both a frozen dessert and mid-meal palate cleanser

Puzzle 3

Measuring out ingredients using scales
Detective agency TV show investigating infidelity
2007 movie with a character named McLovin
Prank that involves Never Gonna Give You Up
Towers, Kuala Lumpur’s double skyscraper
Element number 1 in the Periodic Table
Adding sealant between ceramic tiles
Sea animal treading on the whiting’s tail
Part man part bull creature of the labyrinth
Red bird or red-robed church official
The Beatles sang They say it’s your
Doberman ; black and tan watchdog breed
Ability to keep things decluttered and tidy
State of independence and self-government
Body of water on which Sochi and Varna are located
Connects cervical to lumbar spine

Puzzle 4

Grind or crush down to powder
C. Ponzi scammed people of millions, a known
Avian that catches the worm
Slippery table game with paddles and a puck
French Canadian deep dish meat pie
Say sorry, make amends
Software that protects a PC from infected files
Smaller blood vessel that connects veins
Place in Alaska beneath the Chugach Mountains

Puzzle 5

Slang for ventriloquist puppets
Charge of the Light ; action during Crimean War
Hicks, contractions that may be a false alarm
Online check to verify that a user is not a robot
Hicks, contractions that aren’t the real thing
Business in the front, party in the back hairdos
The bearer of ; messenger of doom
A rapper; makes your drinks cold
Tomato sauce condiment
Lakshmi, Kali, or Artemis, for example
Math with letters and numbers making equations
Fortified area at the heart of a settlement
By flicking through the tv, you’re surfing
East African country, setting for Black Hawk Down
Chris ; lead vocalist of Soundgarden
Obvious, flagrant