Group 778

Puzzle 1

Ms. Bach’s TV character, and her very short denims
Heater made specifically for Italian pies
Classic Neil Simon comedic play, The
Buyer, counterpart of a seller
Illegal whiskey made in southern US
Small sour fruit used for making jelly
Periodical found online or in print
Olympic sport of ice track racing in a
Chilled legumes; popular 90s phrase for awesome

Puzzle 2

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder 2007 film
BoJack’s last name
Succulent plant with healing gel
Vegetable name for a bean bag game
Medical care of the whole being to fix problems
Sam Sun Studio boss where Elvis first recorded
Military structure to block enemies and hide
Cultural stories that exist through word of mouth
Emulsifier in both egg yolk and cooking spray
Geometric shape with three sides and three angles
Bridge that carries water
Makes appear magically
District of Central France known for red wines
Russian and really strong X-Men

Puzzle 3

Wood-carving occupation of Master Geppetto
A box of chocolates delivered with a song
US dance that Wham! sang about
Zodiac sign represented as a goat, Dec. – Jan.
Day-Lewis’s character in There Will Be Blood
The body’s system of hormone creation
In one ; with a single blow
Prince Harry’s grandfather’s title; the Duke of
December 26 in the UK and Canada
Air Force units of roughly 12 aircraft
Red card repercussions
Home town of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
The time following a disaster
Preserving animals for a lifelike display
Bands that holds cartilage and bone together
Technical drawing for an architect’s plans

Puzzle 4

Ca’ Vendramin ; palace on Venice’s Grand Canal
Miss Piggy and Gonzo are these
Provisions or conditions in a contract
Sailors supposedly once mistook this for a mermaid
Framework with two mattresses, one above the other
To be or wrote Shakespeare
Main shortcut key on a Mac
When a kid asks why, a parent says: I said so
The big win after gambling; a grand prize
US president on the right of Mount Rushmore
French beauty chain, named after Zipporah
Celine Dion’s late husband: Rene
Delicate French cookie sandwich
Held, brandished

Puzzle 5

Charm that brings good luck
Instrument sometimes called a fiddle
Dior perfume in purple bottle, sounds toxic
Breakfast food made with a honeycomb-shaped iron
Sharp or quick-witted
Yelled warning of a falling tree by Lumberjacks
Hood of a car or the hat worn at Easter
Short song used in an advertisement
Brendan Fraser’s character George hung out here
Challenging activity such as a Rubik’s Cube
A.C. often finds trouble with Zack Morris
Wall is a famous one in New York City
South American country with Carnival celebrations
Sounds reverberating in caves or wide open spaces
shrine, basilica and colonnade in Portugal
Small recessed section of a room
Performances by Evel Knievel
Sea mammals with blue, sperm and humpback types
Dancing penguin in Happy Feet