Group 777

Puzzle 1

Historical, large, hooped petticoat
Of ; compos mentis, lucid
Parent show of Green Acres: Junction
What leprechauns leave at the end of the rainbow
Fitness app that tracks training routes with GPS
Game of balls on velvet hit by cues
Singer Carrie with an album called Cry Pretty
Obelisk in South Africa: Language Monument
The state of being alive
Water area for visitors to stroke rays at aquarium
Felons, offenders, lawbreakers
Former Irish prime minister 2011-17
It can be risky to do this in the stock market
Another name for Academy Awards
Expression that hides one’s true fears or worries

Puzzle 2

Popular scouting campfire song
Not the fruit, but with one letter added, a scarf
Animal’s burrow used as shelter by soldiers
Playwright George Shaw’s middle name
1920s fashion movement
David, who married Spice Girl Posh
Mr. Peanut of the Planters logo used this eyewear
Fast-drying artists’ paint
Extra or leftover goods
First point earned in tennis, love
Ordained ministers ranked below priests
Breathe Again singer-songwriter, Toni
Feeling guilty about having done a bad deed
They join bones and muscles
egg; collectors’ item from Russia
You get a lot of them from life
Blood-sucking wormlike parasites
Rent, 1776, or Dear Evan Hansen
Street ; Florence Parpart’s road-cleaning device
Italian island group between Malta and Tunisia
Site of ancient cave drawings in France’s Dordogne
Long, slender-grained aromatic rice
Welsh Hannibal actor, Hopkins
Person who adamantly denies the existence of God
Henri -Bresson, French humanist photographer
Selecting dancers or models for a show
Biology, chemistry, or physics
Always eternal; a very long time
Mountain in Greece, thought to be home of the Gods
Dry biscuit for cheese
Fastest wildcat that can’t climb trees very well
1980s TV show, The Dukes of
Surface elastic appearance on top of water

Puzzle 3

Declan MacManus’ better known stage name: Elvis
Something that has to do with the Good Book
An underground cemetery
Overstitching that prevents fraying
It took this Greek hero 20 years to get home
Valuable, treasured
The study of tumors and cancer
Inflatable latex toys
Navigational instrument, quarter of an astrolabe
Victorian (Australian) town founded by gold miners
Clawed insect with a curved, poisonous stinger
Athletes often hurt this, the L in ACL

Puzzle 4

Key ingredient in marzipan
Central area of the retina
Taxonomic rank between life and kingdom
Yearly wage paid for work
Genie’s house, according to Christina Aguilera
Women’s head and neck covering of the Middle Ages
Where openly emotional people wear their heart
Former comms process using a modem and phone line
Think of a ; mathematical mind-reading
Baby insects or worms in grub form
Large painful lump on the big toe
Brain ; challenging clue or word puzzle

Puzzle 5

Soldier with three stripes on the arm
Snitches get these
These created the Hawaiian Islands
To walk on a person’s land without permission
Scout’s older brother in To Kill a Mockingbird
Small, decorative statue of a person
Riverdale resident played by Camila Mendes
Month during which Thanksgiving falls in the US
Creaky, frail, infirm
Spanish lace or silk shawl worn over the hair
Italian cow’s milk cheese made in square blocks
Mars: played by Kristen Bell
Musical by Eric Idle based on the Arthurian legend
Brendan Fraser’s Egyptian tomb romp film
Often compared by PC gamers