Group 776

Puzzle 1

Treatment and repair of teeth
Find this liquid in the entrance to a church
Strong personal attraction
Crabs named after the Straits of Juan de Fuca
Japanese noodle soup
A group of people getting together to hang out
Depose, topple
Liquid found in the entrance to a Catholic church
Star of Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden
Canadian island located near to Greenland
Kick ; idiom for passing away
Author of 1998 thriller novel Rainbow Six
Shows like Survivor, The Circle are in this genre

Puzzle 2

Small green or black fruits, can be Kalamata
Uninhabited islet near Oahu, aka rabbit island
Surname of Irish rocker Bono
Buildings for monks or nuns
Fabric wrapped around the body, as worn by Beckham
TV drama, Edward Woodward plays a state assassin
Whale with bristles rather than teeth
Skate under flashing lights in this kind of rink
Flaky crust that covers pies

Puzzle 3

Ancient wonder of the world: at Halicarnassus
Long car driven by a chauffeur
Publication containing a collection of poems
Actress played by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill
Artform of carefully sticking paper cutouts
Devices used for directional orientation
Name given to a espresso with a bit of foamed milk
SI unit of measurement of radioactivity
1950s TV show starring Lucille Ball
Emperor Caligula’s most-loved horse
Traditional Oktoberfest beverage container
A white blood cell
Unicorn-like creature in Greek mythology
Artform of carefully gluing paper cutouts as decor
Ecuadorian islands famous for blue-footed boobies

Puzzle 4

Grungy Seattle band headed by Eddie Vedder
Two movies, Park and World about dinos
Lane the Desperate Housewives lived on
Terms that are used frequently on search engines
First game with this controller was Sega Missile
Harry Potter’s school
Edible Asian mushroom, meaning oak tree
A fizzing ball of carbonation used for fun hygiene
The digestive gland that produces insulin

Puzzle 5

Lagos and Abuja are in this country
JFK, Robin Hood, The Bodyguard actor, Kevin
Spin-off of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant series
Common ; social convention of respect
Richard Branson is one for Virgin Group, Ltd
Eagle and lion hybrid creature in mythology
Central character in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Tequila ; 1988 Mel Gibson thriller
Not the official US language, but many think it is
A public display of disagreement or disapproval
World famous British primatologist: Dame Jane
Knitting technique with a hook
Reduce, reuse,
Cheese of choice for a French onion soup garnish
Most populous city in Pakistan
Pair of soft tissue lumps in back of the throat
Golf tournament that awards a Green Jacket
Surface for Japanese martial art
Facility for searching the Web, e.g. Chrome, Opera
John, Paul, Ringo, and George
Cut up and inspect an organ
The angel who visited Mary before she gave birth
Dream, song by Katy Perry
He played the 60s Mad Man Don Draper
Smokestack on a roof
Unit of measurement for edible energy
One of these destroyed Pompeii
In song, the last day of Christmas
Spanish prince other than the heir to the throne
Wooden rice paddle used in Asian cuisine
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland writer Lewis