Group 775

Puzzle 1

Quick tempered, easily angered
Close Encounters of the 1977 sci-fi drama
Copper green gem with lighter bands
Garden watering system
Cleaning with elbow grease
Master patterns for stencils
To be unaware of surroundings; spacey
Come into existence and develop.
Crumbly blue cheese made from ewe’s milk
First trip as a married couple

Puzzle 2

Technological gadgets that save time
Proof of purchase given when you pay
Territory ruled by a Russian emporer
Samba is the most notable form of this at carnival
Meat patties in bread buns with garnishes
Matrimonial, to do with a wedding
Titanic construction city
Envious; resentful of someone for what they have
Standing straight with an aligned spine
Describes itinerant wanderers in the desert
Russian dictator’s territory
Sound of 1965 hit for Simon & Garfunkel
These aquatic flightless birds have Happy Feet
Forces, applies influence in politics
Self-respect or pride in oneself
Manor; Thomas Land Staffordshire theme park

Puzzle 3

Thread-holding pins on sewing machines
Four-time Best Play Tony winner: Tom
Local paper or brochure including news and info
Female counterpart to testosterone
Jane Fonda made this exercise popular
Evening star; another name for the planet Venus
Not knowing information; lacking education
Way of saying hello
A collection of written music for learning
Weddings and the celebrations that go with them

Puzzle 4

Thin blood vessel that leads to capillaries
To have casual affairs
2014 heist movie with Ewan McGregor
Sincerest form of flattery
Fair vehicle that is okay to crash
Not getting enough wages for work done
Bright beam that follows actors around the stage
Air-dried cod from Norway
Glossy newspapers or online feature collections
Whales, dolphins, and porpoises
Bald enemy of Superman
Morning-after results of drinking too much
Thick, brown paper material used for packaging
1969 rock concert held in New York

Puzzle 5

A disorderly house, with everything out of place
You’re in line if seven people arrived first
White label of worker linked to office jobs
Bucking horse, ridden at rodeos
Sculpture of a person or animal
One of the Google search services, for pictures
Hammers used by judges to call order
To open bent paper; revealing something hidden
To be discreet and avoid drawing attention
Heaven Can Wait and Dick Tracy actor Warren
First real name of author Mary Westmacott
Followers of Judaism are this
Hail well met
Ski pole attachment at the base of the stick
French for pepper, it goes with sel
Berry Gordy Jr. founded this record label in 1959
Beyoncé sings than you, than we
Follower of Judaism
Gas that fills party balloons so they float