Group 774

Puzzle 1

Italian bread, its name means slipper
John builder of the first marine chronometer
They say this is a dirty business
French kids’ books about a girls’ boarding school
Bright, tropical, edible, Hawaii’s state flower
Piano musician of The Luckiest and Brick
Musical featuring Ol’ Man River
Judas, Brutus and Benedict Arnold carried out this
The Black is a 1985 dark fantasy adventure film
Not stated, but understood because of context

Puzzle 2

Music passage where a soloist can show off
Only major character in Hamlet who survives
Islamic leader of the Crusades
George maker of Kodak film for the masses
Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof
Aggressive types who intimidate kids at school
Passenger cabin on a Ferris wheel or cable car
Popular mostly human-created Honolulu beach
Tasty crustacean, served thermidor
Verdicts passed in a court of law
Diabetics take this medicine by injection
Ms. Portman, Wood, and Dormer
Ice Age’s woolly mammoth character
Pardon a sin
Fat from a sheep’s coat
Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökul, a fiery eruptor
Spongebob flipped patties with this tool

Puzzle 3

He defeated Marc Antony at the Battle of Actium
The Prime one is located at 0 degrees longitude
A method of chopping vegetables into strips
Power, brawn
Team sport using a stick with a net to catch balls
Choreographer of Cabaret and Sweet Charity
Hygienic, very clean
Dance routine in 13 Going on 30
Monkees hit Valley Sunday
Family name of Romeo in the play
Annual celebration, such as Holi
When causing drama, one is the pot
A plant with distinctive, scented, purple flowers

Puzzle 4

Opinion piece in a newspaper
Pellet of frozen rain
Formal cessation of hostilities during wartime
Famous Caribbean creator of Reggae Reggae brand
4 sided shape with 1 set of parallel sides
Fennel-like spice that comes from a pointed fruit
Orange sandwich filling loved by Paddington Bear
Front rows of the low balcony in a theater
Hospital transport vehicle
Software protection that might need updating
Beneficial relationship between two species
Male worker who operates points on a railway track
Lady Gaga and Beyoncé collaboration
Mythical personification of winter weather

Puzzle 5

Relating to the skin
Australian city, home of a distinctive Opera House
San Marco; Italian name for St Mark’s Square
Not private, also area where everyone can see you
This burner is critical in chemistry labs
Upper part of a dress to the waistline
Bunny Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
Rowan Atkinson plays this silent character
Broadway and West End play from The Wizard of Oz
Tiny seeds on a burger bun
Company known as the Mouse House
Upper layer of habitat in a forest, tree tops
David, French DJ who recorded Titanium
Melodies, series of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck