Group 773

Puzzle 1

A storage vessel or hideaway, usually underground
Sherlock’s crime-solving partner
Lake monster crocodile movie
Celebration playwright Harold
devil; desert lizard with prickles
Ceremony to give a child its moniker
Neville, mother of King Edward IV of England
Leg parts between the hip and the knee
tunnel syndrome, wrist impairment
A boneless cut of fish
To be fast is to be dead to the world
Japanese empty hand combat sport
Electric guitar make or the front of a car
Showed one’s feelings

Puzzle 2

Airlines, tourist carrier with hummingbird logo
Collective words for whales and dolphins
An eagle with 13 arrows appears on this symbol
Salty confection enjoyed in Nordic countries
What parents say to a child who didn’t say please
Big fish in a have influence over a tiny area
Casual trousers associated with Levi and Lee
Game using tweezers to remove a funny bone
Cat-like ballet step

Puzzle 3

R in RSVP means this in English
Card game where one card cannot be paired up
Bodies of stars
Precedes Dum and Dee in Through the Looking Glass
Senior rank in the Royal Navy
German city and scent
Sore, causing a person to say ouch
Baked goods similar to cupcakes, but with fruit
James ; alter ego of Wolverine
A card certifying abilities to drive or a permit
10-day international jazz festival held in Toronto
Tax ; people who dodge paying their taxes
Actress Gwyneth and CEO of Goop
Where incoming electronic messages sit
In art, the side view of a face

Puzzle 4

Writer of vampire novels based in New Orleans
A biblical and magical angel
Nationality of someone native to Manila or Cebu
The witch in TV series Bewitched
Half-man, half-horse creatures
Peaceful, calm
Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael
Recommended but not compulsory
Highest rank in professional sumo wrestling
Petroleum commonly used as a household ointment
Fizzy celebratory Italian drink. Cheers!
Princess Leia’s home planet in Star Wars films
Ending contact, often romantic, with no warning

Puzzle 5

French flaky breakfast pastry
The queen of England’s first name
Fighter whose style involves using their legs
Scientific term for trees that shed leaves in fall
Element number 32 which is inspired by a country
You might jump on or off depending on your mood
Kurosawa historical drama aka Shadow Warrior
Topping up
Bowie album, its title meaning absolutely fine
Clove pink variety grown to have double flowers
Extremely, messily inexpensive
Owner of Amazon and the Washington Post
My Fair Lady is based on this play