Group 772

Puzzle 1

Collectible knick knacks, memorabilia
Dion song about a man who roams from town to town
French aviation firm that made Mirage and Rafale
Largest state of Brazil
San Francisco island that housed a famous prison
Wild horses of Robert Glen’s Las Colinas sculpture
In sport, taking down an opponent to stop the ball
Edible flower called the poor man’s saffron
Shakespearean character that’s Romeo’s best friend
Place of depravity, often linked to Sodom
In sport, getting the ball from an opponent
Sam, who played George W. Bush in Vice
Distance across the middle of a circle
Casino game played by James Bond in a novel
Alyson ; Buffy and American Pie actress
Essential nutrients such as A, C, and D
Phineas and Ferb’s pet Perry’s species
Distance across a circle

Puzzle 2

Colloidal soil people sometimes get trapped in
18th-century Venetian painter of city views
City where the Sagrada Familia cathedral is found
Sign up, pay the fee and use the service
Undying creatures; Fall Out Boy song
Korean martial art focused on kicking and blocking
Conifer trees produce these to protect their seeds
German fried meat dish
Movie musical about Elton John’s life
Singer of You Can Call Me Al and Kodachrome
Helen Fielding’s hero of Bridget Jones’s Diary
The career of Mad Men
Phrase about chilled legumes that means awesome
Medical name for chronic bad breath

Puzzle 3

Hardened plaque on teeth
Animal whose milk is used to make Pule cheese
Werewolves in Underworld
Doctor Who’s time machine
Animal that builds dams
Cu on the periodic table
Cone-shaped tent, usually made of animal skins
Physical award given to the winner to display
Pot calling the black
Nineteen Eighty-Four writer George

Puzzle 4

When cheeks heat up when embarrassed or shy
Sophocles’ Greek Tragedy about Oedipus’s daughter
Study and use of technology, mechanics and science
When cheeks turn red when embarrassed or shy
Japanese producer of photo mediums
Small Saturday
Frozen water cut with a blade with syrup topping
London fashion designer with a focus on plaid
Leader of the Others in Lost, aka Henry Gale
J.D. Rockefeller was a captain of it
Repository of groceries for those in need
Small organ of the skin where hair grows
Petty argument or row, most often between children
Throwing in the towel, quitting
Put a letter in one before sending it

Puzzle 5

Dirty clothes that need to be washed
Person you’re friendly with but secretly dislike
Veiled, shrouded
Another term for tetanus
S Grant, Civil War general under Lincoln
French word for a composed art scene
It’s such sweet sorrow, according to Shakespeare
Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture uses these weapons
What Dorothy’s friend the Lion was searching for
Afternoon naps in Spain
Racing track championship, 1
Hill site of Christ’s Crucifixion near Jerusalem
Long, thick corkscrew-shaped pasta
Someone who deliberately spoils fun for others