Group 771

Puzzle 1

Mythical lost city of gold in South America
Three-wheeler ridden by Danny in The Shining
Some workers receive these on top of a salary
So proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last
Actor or actress
Turn one of these to pretend not to notice
Rough crustacean found growing on boat bottoms
Harry and Meghan won’t use this title any more
Larry wrote The Last Picture Show
Innovative South African engineer of Tesla
When two words contradict each other: jumbo shrimp
Muscles on the sides of the abdominals
Japan’s second-largest island; Sapporo is capital
Something you trade in on arrival
Describes fat on steaks and fancy book endpapers
Figurative, represented by an image

Puzzle 2

Army rank above major and lieutenant
Good we bring (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
Most food storage tubs are made from this
Brazilian who won the Golden Boot in 2002
Roman God Neptune is always holding one
Crustacean order including woodlice
In dire a disastrous predicament
New Zealand’s skep-styled parliamentary home
The original vampire novel by Bram Stoker
Couples ; 2009 Vince Vaughn holiday rom-com
Photo-taking devices

Puzzle 3

Superman and his League friends fight against this
TV show about Hollywood, produced by Mark Wahlberg
Member of a fraternal group with lodges
To be separated from everyone else is to be in
Chanel: Before going out, one should remove one
Creamy, French blue cheese made by Bongrain
Saskatchewan city, a former temperance community
Sir Andrew Twelfth Night’s foolish gentleman
Study of nerves and the nervous system
Land ruled by a Muslim sovereign, e.g. Brunei
Bull voiced by John Cena in film
Period of the 19th century named after the Queen
Online check to see how fast your internet is
Broadcast hit for R.E.M. in 1991

Puzzle 4

Hit 1990s movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma
Asian religion with gods including Brahma, Vishnu
Creating a masterpiece on canvas with brushes
Extra paid work hours
Yellow-tinted skin condition
Where genealogy buffs go digging
The last name of David Bowie’s alter ego
Fingerprints, DNA, footprints, etc.
Type of green citrus used in Earl Grey tea
Olympic gold-winning German figure skater Witt
Body of water between Canada and Greenland: Sea
Flat computer mouse alternative
Person who tells the story in a book
Dance that won’t help gums but seems like it might
Furry animal who likes nuts; some can even fly

Puzzle 5

Purple dinosaur on a children’s show
Different hand positions during meditation
Lung issue that causes wheezing, breathing trouble
Ancient calculating tool with beads
Popular search engine
Tea that doesn’t have caffeine, made from plants
The Cape of Good Hope was formerly Cape of
Mouse, pseudonym of hitmaker Brian Burton
Wyvern, Hydra, or Cockatrice
Hitchcock classic starring Anthony Perkins
Metal the Statue of Liberty is largely made from
Tiger, era of rapid economic growth in Ireland
Thin cotton fabric used in making summer dresses
Stubbornly, securely
Largest feline in South America