Group 770

Puzzle 1

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II
280-character social media site
Produced by yeast fermentation of sugars
In hot ; following closely behind
Children of Espionage
An arranged group of flowers
Legumes; Charlie Brown’s clan
Smooth icing used to decorate cakes
Structure with bars to safely contain a toddler
Mollify, placate
Anita’s pet and mother of pups in 101 Dalmatians
William author of To the Ends of the Earth
Roman goddess of the sea and wife of Neptune
Home country of Björk
Mechanics who fix cars during a race
Month of fasting and prayer for Muslims
Tanning makeup powder for pale skin
Triumphant gesture at the end of a speech

Puzzle 2

Beijing’s Tiananmen means Gate of Peace
The of Catan, German board game
Tennis shot not played across the body
A soft, loose-fitting garment worn after a shower
Pop singer known for her song Poker Face
Person who makes and supplies eyeglasses
Degenerative shrinking of cell nucleus
Alien from Krypton who gets strength from the sun
French quiche with bacon and sometimes cheese

Puzzle 3

Aztec king with mysterious hidden treasure
Celestial spot where people are really happy
Type of nuts in Hawaiian roll sushi
Electrical device used to remove water from hair
Tendon behind the knee needed to run and walk
Household pests that live on unwiped surfaces
Elvis’ home estate in Memphis, Tennessee
When cars slide because of water on the road
Shoshone woman who aided Lewis and Clark
Local anesthetic used in dental procedures
A strong metal clasp designed for rock climbing
Local drug used in dental procedures

Puzzle 4

Protective headgear used in biking and sports
Large singing groups entertain at Carnival
YouTube Conspiracy Series host Shane
Elton John sang about a Tiny one
40th president of the United States
Nuts with caps that fall from oak trees
Beach in LA California known for unique shows
Angela Bassett’s character who got her groove back
Wearable health tracker brand
Flat wooden boards used as flooring or decking
Expensive fish roe with beluga and acipenser types
First name of the author of To Kill a Mockingbird
Greek god of beauty and Aphrodite’s lover

Puzzle 5

Mad Men character who made the finale’s Coke ad
Famous invention of Percy Spencer
Blue stone symbolic of life to the Navajo people
Marine creature that discharges water, a tunicate
180-degree turn for a soldier
art, form pioneered by Paul Gauguin
Costing a lot of money
Dwelling by an artificially made body of water
Start of a hiking route
R&B singer of At Last and I’d Rather Go Blind
Angelina mouse is one of these