Group 769

Puzzle 1

Annoyance, irritation
Thin paper shapes thrown after a wedding ceremony
Supervising, with top responsibility
A male horse with the ability to reproduce
Artist known for geometry and primary shades
Flights that have landed; not departures
Merry old soul nursery rhyme man
Silicon Valley city, headquarters of HP and Tesla
This Jamaican capital is also its largest city
Type of economic Package to boost the economy
Italian dessert with coffee and sponge
90s band known for American Idiot
Cold viruses cause coughing and this
Dance number from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Devices that convert wind power to electricity
Goddess-centric Hinduism, worships Adi Parashakti

Puzzle 2

Remembrance address delivered during a funeral
First British actor to be knighted (1895): John
Whale, also known as an Orca
Indian Ocean inlet rich in coral
Dennis the Menace’s pet pig friend
Australia’s national carrier
To select the one you want
Singing Chili Peppers are this
Traditional style of sushi originating in Tokyo
Belts, as used in yoga for stretches
Opera House, Utzon’s sailing auditorium
Writing that uses cadence and rhythm abstractly
Hundred Acre Woods’ gloomiest resident

Puzzle 3

Creative, imaginative
Cough also known as pertussis
Muray, Hungarian-US photographer and fencer
On Tides; 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean film
Annual April 22 event about environmentalism
Olympic throwing spears
Margaret Atwood’s Offred is one
Sharp and separated, in music
French dish of snails
Place where illegal things happen are dens of this
Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are two types of these
This causes a boat to float on water

Puzzle 4

Gaining something through threats of defamation
Slang for humans in Artemis Fowl books
Written records of dates, holidays and moon phases
Tool used to keep tempo in music lessons
Used for hand- or machine-smoothing of wood
Shaw play that is the basis of My Fair Lady
Diluted espresso coffee, a tall black coffee
Often works in a lab or in the field
Rodent with 30,000 quills covering its body

Puzzle 5

Ready and eager to listen
Hindu Mother goddess of fertility, divine strength
Spicy pepper often powdered, like paprika
Oye Como Va Latin rock band
Limb, from wrist to elbow
Earl brother of Diana, Princess of Wales
Prison that held Rudolf Hess from 1947 to 1987
Clear green gem, mainly produced in Colombia
Subject you hope your doctor got an A in
What a bezoar is in a cat
Language of Star Trek aliens with high foreheads
Lead actor in Shakespeare in Love : Joseph
All baggage brought with you on a plane