Group 768

Puzzle 1

Snake-fighting relative of the meerkat
Glossy Japanese soy sauce marinade
Buck film, Abbott and Costello go to war
DC Comics supervillain, an alter ego of Hal Jordan
The act of changing instantly before your eyes
Name given to Ireland by the ancient Greeks
Fluid that babies float in while in the womb
Phrase referring to enmity, especially in a family
30 Rock lead character, played by Tina Fey
UK dependency and tax haven; capital is The Valley
The Merchant ; Shakespeare’s moneylender play
Figurative, illustrative
The largest and best store representing a company

Puzzle 2

Inflammatory condition of the lungs
Electrons, protons, neutrons
Short recording that acts as a tagline
Great Russian Empress
2004 movie with Ben Stiller as a gym owner
Slick, flat surface used to ride waves for sport
Biscuit base layered with nut meringue, cream
Beetles that glow during twilight
Brazilian music of the 1950s, smooth jazz
It’s said to have killed the cat
Requires a lot of time and energy

Puzzle 3

The Diary of a humorous book by the Grossmiths
Followed a rule
Someone from Kathmandu
Walking outdoors in the wild
Quick spray of liquid or small and sassy kid
Primary train station in the Spanish capital
waves, 1920s fashion hairstyle made with tongs
Person who is engaged to another
Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic
Mexican natives predating the Spanish
Money left after subtracting expenses from income
Substance that has mass and volume
Green salad with croutons and parmesan
Invasion of Privacy rapper and songwriter
Spring flowers for which Amsterdam is famous
Literal setting for Lawrence of Arabia

Puzzle 4

Nickname for the Beatles quartet
Huge diamond mine in Kimberley, South Africa
Lymphatic pads in the throat, swell from infection
Japanese rice bowl dish with meat or seafood
The rules and structure of language
Dr. Beverly has a son named Wesley in Star Trek
Juliet’s surname in the Shakespeare play
Patterns made of small pieces of glass or tiles
Big measure for computer data
Reasons why someone didn’t do homework or chores
Water birds with pronounced throat pouch for prey

Puzzle 5

Chinese grain dish with egg, vegetables, meat
Tuneful nickname for the beluga whale
Temple complex in Cambodia, World Heritage Site
Device used to remove water after shampooing
The length of the sides of a 2D shape
A movement going against rules and authority
Form of insurance against loss or damages
Vishnu is this, just as Brahma is the creator
Little Big Town hit big with this ode to jealousy
Presentation tool in classrooms and cinemas