Group 767

Puzzle 1

Explosive combination of chemicals once used in bullets
Connective tissue found in ears and nose
Country that boasts the world’s tallest waterfall
Swedish band; three dimensional laser images
Rock and Roller front man of the Comets
Dried petals used to add fragrance to a home
To be polite and well mannered, thoughtful
1995 film with Hugh Grant: An Awfully Big
The study of family ancestry
Predatory winged insect that may be in distress
It catches the worm
Shakespearean rule breaker or villain
Big Mac or Whopper

Puzzle 2

Units that show the energy value of food
Garden where trees are grown for scientific study
The study of inherited characteristics
Changeability of a situation
Back pain involving the body’s longest nerve
Literary governess in Charlotte Bronte novel
Julius Caesar was this type of leader
Marvel comic and Netflix series with skull logo
Christ the ; Rio de Janeiro’s towering sculpture
Crowning point on the top of Giza’s Great Pyramid
When You a Star, Pinocchio song
Accolades given by a crowd clapping their hands
Department that keeps track of the costumes
Person who works for a business
Ben Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate
Kitschy accessory that changes based on emotions
Another name for state of wedded bliss
Acrobatic Afro-Brazilian martial art
Word for a rough estimate of cost, distance
Breed that serves as Seeing Eye Dogs

Puzzle 3

Someone originally from the place you’re visiting
Bitter leafy vegetable sometimes used in salads
Ron and Russ Mael are the performers of this band
A rainforest and an e-commerce giant
Reflexive pronoun for the very thing in question
King who pulled sword from the stone
Cuban capital
Moor, the isolated site of Jamaica Inn
To have two of something, ‘ trouble’
Glass screw-top cylinder for preserving preserves
Fingernail parts also called the hyponychium
What tooth-brushers hope the dentist doesn’t find
They break up plays into parts
Daryl, who played a mermaid in Splash
Doctor Who’s form of transport

Puzzle 4

Tiny digital picture used to label files
Medical study of the nervous system
This unpaid person often helps at soup kitchens
Chemical pellets used in clothes storage
Garment women wore under skirts to add volume
Handheld wind instrument used by Bob Dylan
Venetian explorer Cabot, son of John
Galactic Empire’s superweapon in Star Wars films
Word that sounds like another, like knew and new
Dystopian film and Veronica Roth novel

Puzzle 5

Northernmost country in the European Union
manner, nurses are meant to exhibit a good one
Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon hatched by Hagrid
1985 charity pop concert in London
Healing work both psychologically or medically
Olmedo, Mexican friend of Frida Kahlo
Small flower arrangement worn on wrist or chest
Platform for making political speeches from
Concern triggered by giving away info online
One-eyed corrective lens
Month whose name comes from Roman god of doors
Rum brand whose logo features a black and gold bat
imaging, detecting radiation through heat
Streaming service for TV shows like The Crown
Where gold was struck in the Klondike, in Creek
What athletes do before competing
Where a person can wipe their feet before entering