Group 766

Puzzle 1

First name of Elvis Presley’s father
Hagia Turkish museum, once a place of worship
Mode of bathing by sprinkler; a short rain storm
Begins, commences
Historical car horn
boxing, throwing air punches as practice
Rogue, Phoenix, Magneto
Giraffe in the Madagascar movie
Dance done at the Moulin Rouge
Any crusty dish topped with cheese and breadcrumbs
Could be mushrooms or athlete’s foot

Puzzle 2

Individual TV shows in a series
Individual standing stone in Stonehenge
Character who travels to Lilliput
French-Canadian city with an underground city
Underwater missiles fired by submarines
Eastern kickboxing, aka the art of eight limbs
Long-legged wading bird with pink plumage
This is when teens angrily abandon a video game
Element commonly used as a light bulb filament
Malaysia’s towering twin skyscrapers
Medieval weapon used to fire bolts
Robin Hood’s weapon of choice
Home owners in Monopoly are charged for it
Italian flatbread similar to pizza dough

Puzzle 3

Notre Dame bell ringer
Master keymaker, helps you when you’re locked out
Scientist that studies organisms in nature
Antonyms that perhaps attract
Strong tasting Belgian white cheese
Yellow wildflower, seeds spread by floating
Sooty felines believed to bring bad luck
In the Birth of Venus the goddess stands in this
Explorer who founded Quebec City: Samuel de
He voiced Mantis in Kung Fu Panda
Substances that ease bowel movements
Microsoft Office design and DTP software
The pulse of blood through a living thing’s body
Jealous singer, did reunion tour with his brothers

Puzzle 4

What people hope fasting and a juice diet will do
Getting into a position to propose marriage
Featured on Clean Bandit’s 2016 hit Rockabye
Woman’s name or herb meaning remembrance
This Jane appeared in Wild Bill Hickok’s show
Traditional style of music and dance from Spain
Political party with the most representation
Duck, Drake Mallard’s alter ego
Group of people watching a play
The populated lower area in a city
Hard material made with cement
Novel by Joanne Harris about a confectioner
What pencil lead is really made of
Plastic-framed Ray Ban sunglasses
Celebratory Chinese pie with lotus seed paste

Puzzle 5

Eggs done in a pot with vinegar
A mark left by the sun on the skin
Hanseatic wharf district in Bergen, Norway
Ancient Greek mythical white horse with wings
Preview for a movie
Bloom; hero of James Joyce classic Ulysses
Online travel company that sounds fast
Medication used to treat malaria
Rats, gerbils, and capybaras
BNP French banking group that sponsors tennis
Aladdin’s love interest, Princess of Agrabah
Ten-year blocks