Group 765

Puzzle 1

Reptile named Bill in Alice in Wonderland
Violet flowers painted by Vincent van Gogh
Flik Flak watchmaker with Swiss flag logo
First name of 38th US president Ford
Water-surrounded spot where pirates bury gold
Cream for the face
In the body, they send impulses to the brain
Scientific word for salt, chloride
of bad news; messenger of doom
Don protagonist of Mad Men
What enlisted folk do upon seeing superior officers
Pet monkey that belonged to Ross in Friends
Term for a person who rents a home
Popular secure online payment system

Puzzle 2

Italian luxury car brand founded in 1939
Share someone else’s post on Twitter
Domed US Congress building in Washington DC
Cold climate flightless bird that mates for life
Someone knowledgeable about good food
Brunch drinks made of champagne and orange juice
Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband
An office card index before digital alternatives
Swiss alpine town at the foot of the Matterhorn
Food group found in fish, eggs, meat
Home to the fictional Count Dracula
Exercise system that works the core

Puzzle 3

50s machines that select discs for audience play
One who verbally defames someone else
Dark mark used by pirates in Treasure Island
Any type of media being publically transmitted
Dora, Columbus, Magellan, Earhart
Place to buy tickets for a play
Blue-green birthstone of December
Arena in the middle of Rome
Scientific tool that measures atmospheric pressure
Fat Tuesday, in other words
Amphitheater in the middle of Rome
E.T.’s most famous line, E.T.
Snow-capped Asian peak, highest summit in Japan

Puzzle 4

Disparaging wording for a dirty, slovenly woman
Songbird, where the male is mostly red
Topic that’s temporarily popular on social media
Pain-relieving rub used by sportspeople
Category of fish includes gilthead and pink
Peoples of a country lying to the east of Italy
Object of sentimental value passed through family
Browsing and buying goods online or out and about
Hat, to a person who speaks Spanish
Forgetting Sarah with Bell and Segel

Puzzle 5

Container for hammers and nails
Norman king victorious in the Battle of Hastings
Written offers of work for contractual jobs
High Renaissance artist of the Sistine Madonna
Material used to make the T-Birds jackets
A swinging bed for sailors
1st woman president of the Philippines: Aquino
Blind readers use these raised dots
Moderately hot, red pepper used in cooking
Hairy; describes dragons and collies
Diet where vegetables, fruits are eaten as liquids
Nerve, extends from spinal cord to back of thigh
Marksmen with powerful sights
Percussion set with cymbal, snare and toms
Power form that’s atomic
The longest nerve in the human body
Leading innovation tech brand
Industry based on travel and visitors