Group 764

Puzzle 1

Strong material used in bulletproof vests
False front on a building
beetle, insect held sacred by Egyptians
Greek sun god, son of Theia
Alannah Myles’ song about Elvis: Black
Scottish king, murdered by Macbeth
Surname of film brothers Sam, Harry, Jack, Albert
App that hosts images and videos for sharing
the World in Eighty Days
Tropical orange fruit with many small round seeds
Reflective wall hanging

Puzzle 2

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams
Tall yellow plant of the genus Helianthus
Add false details to an account, exaggerate, gloss
A pen where ink is rolled through a metal sphere
Italian pasta whose name means thin strings
Litter and smog
Stiff bag for carrying work files
Upset kitty that became an internet meme
Dog with short legs and long body, like a sausage
Home to Australian Open tennis

Puzzle 3

Turkey’s capital
Another word for a rook in chess
George The Beatles producer at Abbey Road
Dry, red and itchy skin condition
Stars Gilmore Girls’ hometown
One bit Peter Parker and drastically changed him
Decaying or rotting with a foul stench
Japanese box lunch that keeps rice separate
Animal head that Anubis has
Charlotte’s best swine friend
Sport of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder
White radish and a key sushi ingredient
A company’s advertising motto
Spherical rotating maps devised by Ellen Fitz

Puzzle 4

Gifts given on the 12th day of Christmas, in song
Hole in a stage for performers to descend through
Hamlet’s uncle
Famous battle where Napoleon was defeated
Was biker Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Word to describe an animal that produces poison
Sweet Danish treats
LEGO toy line about cyborg warriors known as Toa
Dutch machine that harnesses the power of air
Archaic, outdated
Fluid protecting a baby in utero
Highest mountain in the British Isles

Puzzle 5

Liza Minelli film musical set in decadent Berlin
Car safety cushions that inflate in an emergency
Physical phenomenon that keeps us grounded
Burning resins and herbs for smell and ambiance
Greece’s chief sea port
Don yelled at windmills
Small round sweet commonly found in Argentina
The world’s highest mountain located in Nepal
Bernstein composed West Side Story
Fast-car maker of the Cayenne and 911
French doctor who invented the stethoscope
Food that gives Popeye his strength
Wax sticks that can be scented
Nationality of a Persian