Group 763

Puzzle 1

Respect your
Someone dangerously out of control
A type of sweater with a hat built in
Lord Voldemort’s snake sidekick
Mythical nature spirits
Oxide found in quartz and used as a flow agent
These beloved animals crave bamboo shoots
Computer storage was on disks pre memory sticks
Strong, distinct-smelling bulbs that vampires hate
du Luxembourg, Paris garden

Puzzle 2

Belgian cheese with distinctive strong smell
Person who misappropriates money
Area outside of a driver’s field of vision
The world has 7 expanses of land with this name
Wooden shelled instruments used in Flamenco music
An original signature from a famous person
Darwin’s theory of ancestry through all species
South African language with Dutch origins
He won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in 2004
Breaking headline on TV that usually interrupts
Active text on a webpage that leads to other pages

Puzzle 3

Log of past searches performed online
Doorway, entrance, porch
H Rider ; author of King Solomon’s Mines
Early performance at a cinema
Florida city, once home to Ernest Hemingway
Written record of a purchase
Moses got 10 commandments on these stone blocks
Highly intelligent and social sea mammal
Part of the inner ear needed for hearing
Vincent Van Gogh was this type of artist
Don’t eat the pit of this green fruit
Player that strums or slaps low notes rhythmically
Curative treatment, positive thinking
Batman and Robin are the Duo
A baby’s room
Prestigious ancient Japanese warriors
Hourglass-shaped juggler’s prop

Puzzle 4

Fried risotto balls stuffed with cheese
Daddy from Annie
Robin is Batman’s this, War Machine is Iron Man’s
peel, acidic facial treatment for glowing skin
Smiling from ear to ear

Puzzle 5

John ; director of The Hunt for Red October
Dominant social system in medieval Europe
Agreement from all in a group
Material from which the Great Sphinx is sculpted
TV show starring Eva Longoria: Housewives
To move a criminal to another country
Small motorboat ferry, like in Venice
Written and sworn statement of fact
Study of edible and medicinal aromatics
A fashionably-arranged coiffure
A device that converts motive power to electricity