Group 762

Puzzle 1

Vessels that carry blood away from the heart
Turnover or pasty with sweet or salty filling
Played Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones
Glass-like minerals with a lattice structure
Highest-ranking leaders in military
Decorative accessory for keeping hair out of eyes
Biggest blood vessels that take blood to the heart
Like Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings
Move into a smaller property
To be unsure
Someone who safely jumps out of a plane

Puzzle 2

Flashlight; invented by Canadian Ann Makosinski
Country setting for Mamma Mia!
Twenty One Blurryface musical duo
Daffy Duck is a Tunes character
If you get a silver medal, you came in place
Extravagant, luxurious
Salt’s common partner
Great serpent in Greek mythology, son of Gaea
Describes a national saint adopted by a country
City-view artwork, as painted by Canaletto

Puzzle 3

Nickname of Agatha Christie, Queen of
Pivot or hinge, on a seesaw for example
George played the James Bond who married
Strong and powerful taste, as of garlic, say
Athena, Aphrodite, or Hera
bronco, highly spirited, kicking horse
Portuguese coastal resort west of Lisbon
Edges of an exercise book for writing comments in
Puzzle played one letter at a time, drawing lines
Singer whose real name is Robyn Fenty
Planet named after a sea god
Saint celebrated on March 17th
The territory where a royal family reigns
Bat-and-ball sport played in the West Indies
A DIY shelter dug by soldiers in the ground

Puzzle 4

Oval arena for indoor track cycling
Pod coffee brand made by Swiss food giant
They’re rarely changed with enough frequency
Scientist of matter and energy, Einstein was one
Movie with Amy Adams as a lost princess in NYC
Pattern pasted or plastered in a house to decorate
Young woman introduced into society at a ball
Menacing winged serpents with dragon tails
A stethoscope lets doctors hear this

Puzzle 5

Common aquatic pets in glass bowls, breed of karp
Female student known for gossip, bullying
Strong Roman demigod, son of Zeus
Scam emails for tricking people into sharing info
Fashion designer behind Fifth Element costumes
What the French call a parapluie
Doing something nice for, e.g. buying a night out
Paddington Bear is this nationality
Surgery involving incision into the brain
Seller to the public with shop or online presence
Space old-fashioned arcade game
Ellie ; Love Me Like You Do songstress