Group 761

Puzzle 1

Holmes or Miss Marple
Directing content to a specific demographic
Thor Pacific sailor aboard the raft Kon-Tiki
Burn tissue to stop bleeding
Just say what you mean, dish the dirt (3 words)
Equation that has been squared at least once
Photo-based social network loved by influencers
Queen loved by Lancelot, King Arthur
Charlie Brown’s exclamation
Uptown Funk singer of 24K Magic fame
Become friends again after a fight
Women’s flat shoes with a strap across the ankle

Puzzle 2

Rodent phrase for fast-paced business world
A small oily fish
Drag-reducing bar on the rear of a car
The world where the Warcraft games series is set
Religion of the Jewish people
It creates a vacuum to unclog toilets
The most populous country in the UK
42nd president of the United States
Grunge band fronted by Kurt Cobain
Portrait of a criminal after they’re arrested
Wonderful, astounding, perhaps like a labyrinth
Strong fears about something, like confined spaces
A spot or mark on the face
Huskies are known for calling in this manner
A short book that’s too long to be a short story
President of France from 2007 to 2012: Nicolas

Puzzle 3

Barbary apes that inhabit the Rock of Gibraltar
Phrase for a complete, over the top mistake
To steal from one’s own company
First name of Italian artist Da Vinci
Hawkeye and Black Widow are these
Recitation of mantras, ritual singing
Melville’s Opus
Underground tubular structure for transporting oil
Caribbean isles, both Lesser and Greater
A person who opposes war, violence
The British call it petrol
Planned timeline of when things will happen

Puzzle 4

Mathematician with a namesake triangle
Card deck in Monopoly
Heavy African mammals in Taipei Zoo sculpture
Florentine family associated with four popes
They accompany dirty martinis
Verbose in a romantic way; written in verses
TV series subtitled The Last Airbender
Dead ; something identical, exact duplicate
List of questions to determine opinions
Colombian capital with El Dorado airport

Puzzle 5

Japanese martial art developed from the samurai
Struck by an iceberg, this ship sank
Solution that gives locks a new shade
Roy Lichtenstein pop art sculpture at Miami Beach
Non-branded chemical name of a medication
Ten-sided, flat shape
Italian composer of Madama Butterfly
Where a river connects to the sea
Chorizo and bratwurst are types of this
An impossible undertaking by Tom Cruise
Hamlet’s wife to be from Shakespeare’s tragedy
A male chicken that crows loudly in the morning