Group 740

Puzzle 1

Copper Sherlock tale of an imprisoned daughter
Taking time out for the body to recover; relaxing
A small, fast moving but graceful African antelope
Solutions for keeping skin hydrated
Less fancy, simpler
Solutions for keeping skin moisturized
Two Young Women, by Pissarro
Dance, was Lord Havelock in Going Postal
Leafy, aniseed-tasting herb
Polish that has flaked off
I Saw Mommy Santa Claus
Software company, owners of Firefox web browser
Ibn Arab author, toured in Africa and Asia
ware, earthenware after the first firing
Kind- ; having a generous, selfless personality
Leaking, oozing of liquid
Someone excluded by a group
City, self-evident nickname for Washington DC

Puzzle 2

French word used in English for a hairstyle
Beards are made of these
Finding a new family for an unwanted pet
What Helen of Troy’s face did to 1,000 ships
The Way of banker on train, silent film
People who rouse others from sleep
Leave with a neighbor in case you get locked out
Woo with romantic songs
An American colonist who supported the British
Rock solid, real
Unconscious, out for the count
Paint spraying device; to cover up, expunge
Safe, indoor shooting game with bright lights
A common cormorant or shag lays its eggs in a
Desert plant adaptation reaching down to water
Italian pork belly meat that is cured with salt
Artisans who make and repair shoes
You feel this when a situation weighs you down

Puzzle 3

When on fire, Modest Mouse calls it a good party
16th C art form with distorted human figures
Folk music genre from the Appalachian region
The PV in PVA glue
Strongly spoken, written or verbal attack
Attending through the ears
Limit or restrict
The king, queen and jack of each suit
Reduce a certain food in a diet
Night light activated by the sun’s rays
Buildings for manufacturing goods
A wet obstacle in a steeplechase event

Puzzle 4

Clinging on for holding on by one’s fingertips
Referring to the bones in the human body
Friar responsible for the Annunciation in Florence
Searching or hunting thoroughly
Former Florentine prison, now a museum
Quiche or Alsace
London tube station, site of a 1975 rail disaster
Pontificate or talk pompously
The act of doing a gesture or motion
Fee barriers to web content
conditions, legalese on a website, or T&Cs
Flood alert people of high water levels

Puzzle 5

Nureyev the dancer
Keke rapper-actress, sang Keep It Movin’
of Love, Bruce Springsteen’s album
seeds, found atop a burger bun
Country where the Battle of Batoche took place
Glamorously attractive
Truthful, not deceitful
More blonde or pale than someone else
League, alliance of ancient Greek city-states
card, slim digital piece captures photos