Group 739

Puzzle 1

Mosaic wooden floor synonymous with art deco
Painting by J.A.D. Ingres: The Bath
Small iceberg that sounds like a bear
Egg and sugar sauce put in pastries
Protective garment worn by a scientist
Dull, complimentary hue such as grey, beige
City nicknamed the Athens of Ireland
Word meaning university or university sports team
Song you can’t get out of your head
In an angry manner
Tracy; patented sewing machines and an elevator
Fall apart at the seams

Puzzle 2

Protagonist of the movie Coco
Spanish for man; a tough guy
Life-threatening infection that damages tissue
Subatomic particle with a positive electric charge
1970s disco dance made famous by John Travolta
Painter of The Yellow Christ and The Green Christ
Meaty Scottish delicacy
Small slice or splinter
Cylindrical foam column to massage sore muscles
Grope clumsily
Search engine owned by Alphabet
White fungus that grows on damp walls
Tutti Little Richard’s preferred ice cream
lines; these are drawn when it’s time to fight
Söze; mystery crime lord in The Usual Suspects
Scotoplane marine cucumber species
Meaningful sayings or wise words
Extraordinary abilities like strength or telepathy
Money or bond held as collateral
Japanese era that began with Emperor Yoshihito
Laced/boned undergarment creates an S silhouette

Puzzle 3

Annual yachting festival off the Isle of Wight
Hot-water dish for cooking food gently
Babbling nervously, e.g. a wreck
Unbalanced, out of kilter
Spur of the moment
Money set aside for illicit activities or payments
African term for a foreigner; a Brit in Boer areas
Device for washing dust out of eyes
Most-famous expressive painting by Edvard Munch
Guess a possible answer or solution
Cleansing, restorative
This is fat, juices from cooking meat
Where Apprentice hopefuls are hired and fired
Meat that is not fully cooked
Philosophy of loving more than one person
Being the one who is in charge, chairing meetings
1969 road trip drama directed by Dennis Hopper
Garden feature, a rocky cascade

Puzzle 4

Geoffrey of early English historian
Battle of Britain single-seater fighter aircraft
Broadcast, send out radio signals
Subscriber, adherent
Statue in memoriam
Name for group of pairs of golfers or card players
Chopper’s home base
Great historical lover linked to Venice’s carnival
Earl-invented dish, fillings surrounded by bread
Refined, showing good aesthetics
along; carrying on with no clear purpose
a dead horse, persisting with a futile situation
Domestic bleaches brand from Unilever
Refined, pleasant to look at
Gap in the law, allows an issue to be circumvented
Brushing and combing hair
Board game where you can Go To Jail by Chance
US state home to Wilmington

Puzzle 5

2018 alien movie starring Luke Hemsworth
Swiss hotelier of luxe hotels in Paris and London
Absolutely not the darkest
Traditional proposal pose
Beyond exhausted
alcoholic drink taken at sunset
Representative government with elected officials
Wood-eating animal
Finely milled copper and gold used in crafting
Chinese explorer who established the Silk Route
Dirty canard, gentle admonishment for a filthy tot
Sea edge of a country
Monroe-inspired play by Miller, the Picture