Group 738

Puzzle 1

Posted a letter
the Fringe, 60s West End and Broadway revue
Huey lead singer of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Lauren 40s actress who could whistle
Timon’s warthog buddy in The Lion King
Artist whose painting self-shredded at auction
Well-mannered, courteous
Circular paint brush
Potential danger
Pressed folds on a kilt
Territory that ants create, and their social group
City that is home to the Bolshoi Ballet
Triangular pastry snack popular in Indian cuisine
Cylindrical tool for painting walls
The Gare Saint- station by Monet
Terminates a procedure prematurely
Mr Spock’s ethnic origins (as well as human)
Islands, Spanish islands including Lanzarote
del Conde, Mexican art critic and art historian
Yellow smileys with various expressions
House of ill also known as a brothel
Emphatic or ironic interjection
Yellow fine powder created by flowering plants

Puzzle 2

Alex Garland novel about a backpacker in Thailand
Composer of the Chariots of Fire score
Amends errors or rights wrongs
Sequence of tasks to get a job done
Hired assassin to take out Snow White
Advantages; pros, not cons
Brain chemical blamed for addiction
The D of EGBDF, a mnemonic for memorizing scales
Benchmarks, standards to evaluate against
Foolishly, impulsively
A feel good brain chemical
Founder and first emperor of the Roman empire
Spinner is a common type of these friendly mammals
Soften by soaking, to steep
Medical condition, like Down
Enameled Japanese style of ceramics
Densely populated Dutch megalopolis
Preliminary model for sculptures
Architecture tradition based on pagodas and stupas
Kindness or compassion shown by people
Describes the noise made by tennis players

Puzzle 3

Birgit Swedish soprano of Wagnerian songs
Person accused of committing a crime
Stumped, baffled, puzzled
Tasty nibbles of food
Butchery, mass slaughter
Strawberry trays
Assortment of devices used by a diy-er
Irish city, home to the Titanic Quarter
Stanley ; director and producer of The Shining
Current name of Western Poland’s largest city
Cortes, Spanish flamenco and ballet dancer
Accomplishment of a goal
Art movement of truthful representations
Event with opportunities for employment-seekers
The questioning villain in Batman comics
Order of songbirds
Extreme tiredness
Altered an image to remove unwanted areas
City in Florida, home to Ernest Hemingway
Hairstyle seen in sumo wrestling, aka chonmage
Bovine leather
Hair removal

Puzzle 4

Performer’s pseudonym
SW German city, a centre of the car industry
Avian metaphor for amorous types
Cleared of all charges
Eager, ready and willing, a horsey analogy
Kitchen tool for chopping, combining ingredients
Brass instrument sometimes called the tenor tuba
Sports including throwing, running and jumping
Innocent, free from blame
Noteworthy, well known
Amazon-owned book review and recommendations site
Sovereign’s protector, may wear a bearskin
First person to fly solo around the Moon
Anticipated milestone for young teens
Underwater boat for military or viewing fish
A result of dripping nasal passages
sightings, verified identifications of species
Method used to perform a dance
Lover of words

Puzzle 5

On-air mention by a radio presenter
Greek god’s instrument made from reed tubes
Short 1950s nightdress with ribbons and bows
Stamp of authenticity on a precious metal
Bend elbow and snap out to side with knuckles
Surfers’ resort in France, on the Bay of Biscay
Shape or design of a garment’s collar
fracture; barely visible crack in a bone
Term for Carnival season in Greece
Rigorous and conclusive check, like assessing gold
John who is behind the music of Star Wars
Treatment for stress, involving total time off
Send someone away from danger to place of safety
Scale for measuring heat of peppers
Marchers’ signs
Sesame seeds
Was abundant, existed in large quantities
Anna ; Tolstoy’s beautiful Russian aristocrat
Flopping and sagging
Slippery film on oceans, discharged from tankers
Treatment to raise up the eye-line hairs
Ryan ; radio host and American Idol compere