Group 737

Puzzle 1

Nationality of someone native to Bucharest
Special price for a main, fries and drink
Merida’s clan in Disney movie Brave
Illness or disease
Thank you, in Portuguese
Moving backwards and forwards on a roped bench
Got to the line
Brothers or men in general of the same church
Point ; mystery-solving video-game genre
Coin-operated public call box
Spanish dance sung about in Bohemian Rhapsody
Stately home central to the Profumo Affair
Lightweight metal kitchen strainer
Those who learn from a teacher
Purple ; Horrid Henry’s club
Expression for asserting one’s authority
Sound-producing organ also called the larynx
Caribbean staple, like a starchy banana
Speak impulsively
Places for beehives
Pumps that fire fighters can use to access water
Revealing new subscription items, often filmed
Interrogative expression to request an answer
Nuptial separations
Opportunity to impress talent show judges

Puzzle 2

Elephant-type beast in the Winnie-the-Pooh tales
Sarah ; Madame C J Walker hair products inventor
Keep people amused, like a magician or singer
Short audio clip to promote a news story
Burgess, Maclean, Blunt, Philby were the Spies
Group of newspapers under the same owner
A perfect copy
The adjective used to describe Biggie Smalls
Ballroom dance, fast by name and nature
Dripping slowly, like a thick liquid
Actor who played Jesse on Breaking Bad
Sirloin or T-bone cuts of cow meat, for example
Copyright stamp embedded in an image file
Former region of South Africa settled by the Boers
Person with an outgoing, sociable personality
To showcase a product for purchase
Thick paper shield that diffuses an electric light
Identifying pattern on paper, like on a stamp

Puzzle 3

Transferring belongings from one house to another
Silver term ascribed to an older internet user
Jack author of White Fang, tale of a wild dog
Beer and lemonade mixed drink
Sleeping surfaces that live mostly in couch form
Posh musicals with classically trained singers
Human ; civilians used to protect a target
Wriggle or twist in pain or discomfort
Permanent inking of the skin
Confiscated Van Gogh painting: Portrait of Dr.
Bane was his nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises
London public school, as famous as Eton
Cued billiard balls into pockets
Dull and humdrum
Jim country singer of Welcome to My World

Puzzle 4

Going somewhere in a vehicle, taking the wheel
Lewis Carroll’s illustrator: cartoonist John
Way to get back at someone
Transparent dead skin above nail
Track or trail for walkers
The Buster Keaton’s Civil War-set film
Town near Dresden, Germany famous for porcelain
Warming chocolate so it turns into liquid
Find a solution to a difficulty or argument
Tear the skin when itching
A thick tuft of grass on moorland
Leather made from the hide of a porcine
Comic strip character with a fairy godfather

Puzzle 5

Snappy reptile that will see you after a while
Beat through superior strength
American novelist known as Papa
Preposterous, ludicrous
Wide underskirt worn with full 50s skirts
Makeup product used to hide dark circles
Extra; surplus to requirements
Place where people are buried after death
Jane Austen’s sister, who created her portrait
Expressions of gratitude e.g. for gifts
Entry through a locked door, not with a key
Las Vegas female dancers; cult classic film title
To and fro motion of seas according to the moon