Group 736

Puzzle 1

Patricia Molly Peters’ steamy Bond girl
Metal grille in the pavement
Genuine, backed up by verifiable details
Clothes pouches in which to carry objects
Female reflexive pronoun
Salted and roasted treats loved by elephants
Arch, St Louis edifice designed by Saarinen
Ugly sight, unattractive view
Baby goose
Evel motorcycle daredevil leapt London buses
Painter from a wild art movement
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Germanic middle name
Title of female ruler in Ancient China
Device for discharging hot adhesive
Barista tool that crushes coffee beans
Avid fan of The Doctor
Fassbender and McKellen play him at different ages
Fizzy, sharp and sweet powdered sugar
Tinted lotion for the face

Puzzle 2

Tall building site machinery used for winching
Gertrude Arts & Crafts garden designer
Small garden ornaments with beards
French meat cut also known as a hanger steak
Author of The Joy Luck Club
John had No 1 hit with Annie’s Song
Napoleon represents this Russian in Orwell’s tale
Liar, teller of tales
Loosen up, release the day’s events from the mind
Bejeweled accessory worn above the foot
Ground-in dirt marks that are hard to remove
Muggy, stale, fetid
Pen-shaped device for writing on touchscreens
Made in 1990s Queen song about up above
Arrogantly, conceitedly
Accessory chain worn above the foot
Sacred objects belonging to saints or martyrs
Male parents of cousins
Knitted or netted device to confine long hair
A house falls on the Witch of Oz
Tall building site machinery used for heavy loads
Chilean island known for moai statues: Island
Type of job where the person works from home

Puzzle 3

Take matters into your ; tackle issues directly
French for Mister
The Pretenders hit, Brass
Honest, not lying
James ; Canadian-American inventor of basketball
Warbling sound made by birds
Button, oyster, portobello
Pressurized container with gas
Shaft of illumination from the Earth’s satellite
Facial lines, like cheekbones
Played by Attenborough in 10 Rillington Place
Reign name of Puyi, China’s last emperor
A board is a spread of food or large buffet
Trick-taking card game, named after a Frenchman
Relating to finance or currency
Container with gas under pressure
My will not be repressed : Jane Austen quote
Apgar; developed Apgar Score scale for infants
Carved, etched, e.g. with a name or message

Puzzle 4

Edges or outer limits
Bucolic English poet of April Rise and Winter Poem
Business addresses kept on separate small entries
Identifies the location of a computer online
Argued or bickered
Elvis’s character in Love Me Tender
Seasonal festive broadcast at the New Year
Country whose mythical creatures include bunyips
Contest between yachts of a similar design
Person who buys and sells paintings and sculptures
Beloved toy in books about The Rabbit
Radio slot when listeners are returning from work
Hem distance between raw edge and hem
Liver infection; types range from A to E
Dropping trash in the streets
WALL-E’s insect friend Hal’s species
Nagging, pestering
Traditional Milanese Christmas bread
Art that has a shape and isn’t on a canvas

Puzzle 5

Ended, written off
Bassoon + trombone =
This shows the page where you stopped reading
Ended, cancelled, written off
Rainy Childe Hassam evening painting
Legally becoming parents to someone else’s child
Soldier with a long-barrelled gun
Mass of throat tissue alongside tonsils
Collectable adhesive labels
Tag often applied to nurses, who go the extra mile
Ceremony to ban evil spirits
Cross-country motor-sport at which the Finns excel
Term used for female nurses who go the extra mile
Petting a dog or cat
Those who listen to radio shows
Made less hard, like room-temperature butter