Group 735

Puzzle 1

Mumbai is the focus of this Indian film industry
Drugs for treating illnesses
Element grouping of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo
Building material made of a mix of substances
Fly documentaries with real-life people
Water vortex, circling in spirals
Curls or a wine-bottle opener
Flying Boxcar military aircraft manufacturer
Term for an everyday object elevated to an artform
Automated set of rules to come up with an answer
Moving on or freeing your mind from past hurts
70s band with Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott
Workmate, collaborator
A wine-bottle opener
Glistening, shiny
Sticky, glue-like
Shelter for guardsmen outside royal residences
Warn, chastise
Bad luck with condiments
Circle of fabric holds a garment to your middle
Water power generation of under 5 kW

Puzzle 2

Mexican dog, or Xoloitzcuintli
Asian bamboo percussion instrument
Raising upwards, using a pulley system
Increasing, e.g. confidence or self esteem
Where scouts roast marshmallows
Clock for cooking used in board games
Loving thoughts and atmosphere
Buyer, purchaser
For twanging a guitar string
Ringlets created by using thin barrettes
The ; TV show culminating in the Rose Ceremony
Forced entry by aliens onto Earth
HM revenue’s demand for annual payments
Old-fashioned, no longer current
Heat balm rubbed onto skin to relieve stiffness
Monetary tip
Laundry bubbles
They tidy and scrub offices at night
Uncomfortable pains during exercise
Alcoholic drink served before a meal in France
Dublin prison
Padding that offers gymnasts a soft landing
Half of the musical duo Wham: Andrew
Diamond anniversary
Word books containing vocabulary lists

Puzzle 3

Odd, out of place
Feline-sounding ocean bottom swimmer
Perform again, recreate a historical event
Orange variety whose main use is to make marmalade
Underground defensive position used in war
Musical of Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Gru would be lost without his army of yellow
Kicks a ball through an opponent’s legs
Intuitions, premonitions
Con trick
A two-dimensional shape
Maxim or adage; the Bible has a chapter with many
Nickelback lead singer and guitarist: Chad
Eye ; being able to meet someone’s gaze
Textile made from interlaced threads
Very old, from a previous civilization
Banquo’s son and heir in the Scottish play

Puzzle 4

Process of cutting vegetables very finely
Agreed to give up or relinquish
Socialist politician, three times the PM of France
Frocks to be worn at the races or a tea party
Podium, stage
Seedorf; Dutch footballer who won several cups
Painting of an enigmatic woman made by an Italian
Watery underground chamber for human waste
Military ranking above corporal

Puzzle 5

A tree hit and damaged by lightning
Afternoon nap
Blows own trumpet
Can be private or public in the business world
Group of stars such as the Milky Way
The subtitle of Frankenstein, the Prometheus
Those who are below the age of consent
Fisher, from Princess to General Organa
Bread often found with cream cheese and lox
Reveal, uncover
Pipe with wide opening at top for decanting liquid
Ammunition shells, cartridges
Romeo and Prokofiev ballet
People-less rabbit head-shaped island near Oahu
Eat too much food
Last Emperor of India, the British monarch VI