Group 734

Puzzle 1

Bivalves that the Walrus & Carpenter come across
Someone aged between 40 and 49 is in their
Torre Salvador Dalí’s final resting place
Breed of dog, Spike was one in Tom & Jerry
Nuts served to Greek wedding guests: Jordan
Break into many pieces, like broken glass
Can of milk from a tropical fruit, for curries
A permit to do something, such as fish in a lake
Humanitarian support delivered by a plane
Freddy ; horror menace played by Robert Englund
Packed, stuffed, filled, jam-packed
Horse-racing length of 220 yards
Roman Catholic prayers for the Annunciation
Second largest African nation after Sudan
Composer of the sonata called Devil’s Trill
Pierce, medic played by Alan Alda in M*A*S*H
Metal clip for holding papers together
Torre Dalí’s house with eggs in Figueras

Puzzle 2

Creating feelings of gratitude; making contact
Super cute, extra charming
Bacon-flavoured crispy snack
Cat breed, a serval/domestic cross from the desert
Surname of the children who visit Narnia
Norwegian Islands famous for tourism and stockfish
Begin, launch
He wrote Bond tune The Writing’s on the Wall
Powerful and fascinating; magnetically attractive
The first period of the Mesozoic Era
Invisible stitch made by specialist sewing machine
Religious rhyming exclamation said in surprise
Dart weapon
First Beatle to release a solo album: George
cracker; Ayla Hutchinson’s wood-splitting tool
Singer who wrote The Writing’s on the Wall in 2015
Theatrical practice with marionettes
Sweet, flat pastry filled with fruit
domes, Buckminster Fuller shapes for buildings
German system of federal motorways
Long-running feud

Puzzle 3

Territorial extent of an animal
Desolate environment attacked by gales
Knives in battle, especially bayonets
Viking oared vessels used in invasions
Treat hair with a creamy lotion after washing
Pre-1800 European established painter
Scottish uni of A Conan Doyle and RL Stevenson
Listen in secretly or overhear
Orange tree fruit
Unscrupulous or brazen, e.g. a lie
Real-life court cases resolved on TV by Sheindlin
Coming, Bob Dylan’s evangelical album of 1979
Several sentences make one of these
Tourist who looks at points of interest

Puzzle 4

Subjugated, dominated, forced
Person who goes AWOL from military service
Keats epic poem about the fall of the Titans
Aristocrats from the Middle Ages
Luxurious or rare food
Expresses shock and offence about
Staying power needed to endure heavy shopping
Darning used to place socks over when mending
Express Madonna song, if you believe in love
Harmless growth on neck and armpits in the elderly
Beauty is but shallow
Abuse, hurt, damage
Part of the highway where you can pick up speed
Three goals
Action painting popular in 40s-50s France
Capital and largest city of Queensland
In the saying, beauty is only

Puzzle 5

Sharp tools once used to catch fish
Dearest, book written about Joan Crawford
Opposite of on one’s last legs : fit as a
Fitted in an apt way
Shoulder the scapulas
USS (SS-267), WWII sub named after Anisot fish
His birth name is Marshall Mathers
Fruit drink, maybe fresh-squeezed
Person who models for a portraitist
Card frames to display photos in
James ; author who created Shangri-La utopia
Wilco frontman Jeff