Group 733

Puzzle 1

In a competent way
Freud, whose personality theory had three aspects
Jack Harkness or Jack Sparrow’s rank
A of one’s imagination; something made up
Formal shoes with decorative perforations
tint, darkening dye instead of mascara
Umbrella sunshade
Conniving or underhanded
Long woodwind instrument, with double reed
Joined two rope ends together by weaving
Charles formed the Bible Students’ Association
A defeat, a thrashing, a drubbing
Amazon retail service for spoken-word books
Ribbony badge won by ponies, and dogs at Crufts
Rounded knobs on the handles of swords
Power source for a phone, for example
Edits, revisions to a text
Insurance statistician
Mythological elfin characters; two fizzy drinks
Cookings of breads and cakes
Lip- and cheek-inflating cosmetic treatments
False names that disguise true identities
Havarti cheese if from this Nordic nation

Puzzle 2

Measurement from the edge of circle to its middle
Permanent or semi-permanent skin ink or makeup
Screechy devices connect computers via phone lines
Uprise against the rulers
Author of Good-Bye to All That: Robert
Minutes or hours to relax on one’s own
bid; auction practice with closed envelopes
Reddish-brown hair colour
Shuffle, New York track by The Rolling Stones
Different from all others, like many polish names
Brutish tool for breaking up slabs of toffee
Joint presenter of a radio or TV show
Type of concertinaed bonnet of the 18th-19th C
Family symbol in heraldry
Naked Chef and restaurant chain owner Jamie
Art piece made of marble
Narrow paths between buildings
Sharp prickles on the stems of roses
Spotty South American cat; a UK car brand
What Christian Slater was pumping up in 1990 film
Stoor hobbit, originally known as Sméagol

Puzzle 3

African native flowering plant in coffee family
Slippery cake-tin coating that’s easy clean
Flying iconic British steam train
Words associated with repeated actions
Mary Mary’s personality type
Neolithic Chinese culture around Yellow River
NZ actor who starred as Dr Grant in Jurassic Park
Strokable small plaything for an Xmas tree
James ; physicist who discovered the neutron
Goal ; netball players whose job is to score
me! Polite expression of surprise
Thoroughly mix water and oil
Make holes in, pierce
Share the raising of a child
Curvy scrawl
Staged entertainment by the Scouts
Cleaning brand with bulging biceps logo
Hairy faced, also describes feline faces
Took off the talons
Encouraged and roused
Space arcade video game for shooting aliens

Puzzle 4

Arrange or plan a day’s activities
Trail, fail to keep up
Peepers sooty with mascara, like Chinese bears
Aka pill bug, house crustacean with a shell
Brownish tint, redolent of old photographs
Towering summer bloom with yellow petals
Riccota-like cottage cheese produced in Salento
Clear and Present Danger espionage novelist
Thor Pacific explorer on Kon-Tiki raft
Jose had a hit with Light my Fire
Six times nine
Matthew voiced Simba in The Lion King
Person that someone tells their secrets to
Mysterious Scottish village appears each 100 years
To be self-employed
Diminish someone’s authority

Puzzle 5

Firearm brand used to assassinate Lincoln
Final station at the end of a railway line
Put money (or sodium chloride) away for the future
signs, another name for cardinal signs
Henry invented a steel-making process
Long lines feel like this endless time period
Individual hairs on a paintbrush
Doing lengths in a pool
The (Die Walkure), Wagnerian opera
Weak political office holder, a limping canard?
Henry, the gunsmith who gave his name to a pistol
Metal grabbers for pulling out facial hairs
Natives of Moscow or St Petersburg, for example
Country known as the land of smiles