Group 732

Puzzle 1

Military toilets
Clear, French soup made from seasoned stock
Fishing mesh that floats off the side of a boat
Bull; Wall Street bronze sculpture
Fruits of Frida Kahlo still-life painting
Food poisoning that can result in paralysis
Women and first! Alert when abandoning ship
A set with nothing in common
Repository for storing plant genetics
mask; worn in hospitals for infection control
Main language spoken in Madagascar
Young, unmarried woman in German, e.g. Maria
Humorous verse associated with Ireland county
Symbol that verifies the content of gold or silver
Child of a highest-ranking nobleman
Son, Biblical parable about families
Southernmost country bordering Lake Victoria
soul, fast-tempo music/dance for all-nighters
Ruby wedding anniversary marks this ordinal number

Puzzle 2

A card game; also a place to play other card games
Ship’s steering place
Many dogs sleep in these metal rectangles
Garden had a 1997 hit with To The Moon and Back
opener, a blade that duels with envelopes
Early this is reserved for members
She sang the theme tune for Diamonds are Forever
Indian city once known as Bombay
Examine, evaluate
Silky cords used for trimmings and edgings
A Streetcar Named about Blanche DuBois
Small, compressed sphere from an airgun
Area of the face that includes the glabella
Exercise routine of crouching low and rising
Container used in laboratories; squeaky Muppet
Galaxy a twisted stick
Nocturnal lizards with sticky foot pads
Lunar Vehicle (LRV); moon buggy
Sentimental love poem
Instructions at the start of a knitting pattern
Stand-ins for missing doctors
The Glenn Story, movie about band leader
Character created by Jacqueline Wilson: Tracy
Annul, revoke a decision
Streaked rock used in sculptures

Puzzle 3

Psychology pertaining to theories of Swiss Carl
Central Asian sheep or common Afghanistan hat
Yves Italo-French actor wed Simone Signoret
Middle of the World Monument country
Gaming or VR technology with earphones and a mic
Mild acid condiment that can be used in cleaning
Ceremony to reaffirm your wedding vows
Tightrope walker who crossed Niagara Falls
Arab cloak that is fully hooded and trimmed
Type of further education institute
Spell-casters who cackle over cauldrons
Flower ; devices for preserving blooms
Planet that the Galilean moons circle around
Celebrity, fame
Things that are stored in drawers or worn
A rip- success is a wildly exciting moment
Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies
Boring, dull
Less ornate, simpler
Tabletop surface for serving goods
Blake’s dark mills has been applied to industry
Respectful Hindu greeting
Unfortunate, cursed
gum, thickening food additive

Puzzle 4

Masonry structure that forms the side of a house
San Francisco monument with working-life murals
Period of declining prices as seen in the 1930s
Tetchy, easily stirred up
Homeland rejectors, such as the Cambridge Spies
Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia’s family name
Surname of Digory’s Uncle Arthur in Narnia books
Don’t since you can make acne worse
Similar to tusk material
Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter
Acting in accord with divine or moral law
Sunken boat, perhaps filled with exotic fish
Term for someone who needs to hurry up
Swedish pop group with All That She Wants
Frances who starred in Fargo
Convenient, accessible
Alternative name for carambola
Glass sphere filled with winter weather

Puzzle 5

Happen at the same time, e.g. a crossover of plans
Treatment to put on cheeks, forehead then wash off
Where queens and their workers live
Mapping out tasks in advance
She stars as Batwoman in new TV series
Greek protector of seafarers, son of Cronus
Bob Watergate newspaperman and novelist
Fossil of prehistoric mollusc
Title of a Christian minister
Diverts, causes something to change direction
Driving adventure
On your ; totally without company
Gondola mountain transport
Richard British pop artist of the 1950s-1960s
Jelly doughnut named after a European capital
With no conclusion, never finishing
Lute-like instrument
Small cartilage bottle that holds writing pigments