Group 731

Puzzle 1

Very small ball of sticky liquid
Female name that means honeybee
American cat with a short rear part
Stolen sculpure by Michelangelo: of Bruges
Largest moon of Uranus; Shakespeare’s Fairy Queen
Not typical, unexpected
Landlocked country sharing Lake Titicaca with Peru
Musical, tells the story of New York’s melting pot
Hold back, choose not to get involved

Puzzle 2

Alter ego of Eminem featured in 2000 hit Stan
Sea-based branch of the British military
France’s second-largest city and Riviera resort
Charmian and Iras, maids to this Egyptian queen
The Virgin and Child with Da Vinci’s painting
To take revenge, tit for tat
The Itch, Marilyn Monroe comedy of 1955
Reserved, playing one’s cards close to one’s chest
Animal or bird distress signal response to danger
Lead ship ransacked at the Boston Tea Party
Trained vinous grower, beloved by Marvin Gaye

Puzzle 3

Repress, set back
Weasel relative that preys on squirrels, rabbits
Revenge is a dish best cold
Complete this room’s mental challenge to get out
Arrangement of an image to make it pleasing
Gas jet with flames to cook on
In golf, the allowance for movement when putting
Country where the artist Marc Chagall was born
Robbie Williams song popular at weddings/funerals
Santa, random surprise gift-giving tradition
and Maude, an unlikely love story
& Klement; initial name of Skoda Autos
Grace, the grandmother of COBOL computer code

Puzzle 4

Fabrics, materials
Aide-memoire so as not to forget a date
Transparent sheets used on overhead projectors
Causes anguish
Aggravated, made angry
Russian caviar hors d’oeuvre served with vodka
Olivia Newton-John song Let’s Get
Describes hardened, aged skin
French author. wrote about the giant Pantagruel
Polish process for feet
Southernmost capital city of Europe
Long-haired Siamese-type cat with blue eyes
Sugar CAe sauce from South America
Made noise like a mouse
The Barefoot sex symbol Maria Vargas
The most expansive; largest
host; TV presenter who gives away prizes
Cutting, hacking
The voice of Buzz Lightyear
Mean girl who’s frenemies with Betty in Riverdale
Tricks, attention-grabbing stunts

Puzzle 5

Sweeping, scenic, e.g. view
Crawly bug with many legs, maybe even 100
Fancy and bubbly alcoholic beverage
Person who rummages through rubbish
Sarcastic phrase about something that is unlikely
rain, means to be perfectly ok
Famous luxurious South African locomotive
Big Aussie flightless bird; anagram of assay crow
Courtesy, chivalry, thoughtfulness
A sculptor’s medium
Preservations of beer in glass receptacles
Unsolicited manuscripts received by publisher
Planning finances
Those with idealized thoughts about life, people
Stable owner who had room for Mary and Joseph
Springfield’s judge in The Simpsons
Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist
Subhead in a newspaper article
Chief cryptographer and code breaker during WWII