Group 730

Puzzle 1

Large measure of mothers’ ruin
Ferris wheel with capsules on the River Thames
The study of design and purpose in material world
Woody Allen’s film about comedian and singer
Stamina, test of strength and commitment
Legendary hoax featuring a rabbit with antlers
He won the Cheltenham Gold Cup twice, 2007, 2009
Land around a town protected as conservation area
Vodka brand and symphonic poem by Sibelius
Illumination at night from our lunar satellite
Artist of Charles II’s mistress Barbara Villiers
Stop an item before it reaches intended recipient
Frank and Joe, brothers and crime solvers
SpongeBob lives in one under the sea
Animal that primarily eats fish

Puzzle 2

Ship of ; thought experiment in identity study
Putting hair into a certain design for the day
Country where the carol Silent Night was written
Roy Only the Lonely’s Big O
Extinct elephant-sized cows
Tangible, touchy-feely
Type of military jet that rhymes with carrier
Buy in bulk, fill cupboards
Putting hair into a certain design
French name of cleaner shrimp in Finding Nemo
Ben brand associated with the 60s Mod movement
Cover something or fill with gray earthen material
League of world peacekeeping body of 1920
A type of bitter orange often used in marmalade
Winding bend of a river or stream
Marine mammal that walks with large flippers
Plaything for dogs to bite on
Well-known digital currency using blockchain
Room where people try on clothes
Shirley’s best friend, played by Penny Marshall
False names or identities
Metal finger cup; Sleeping Beauty needed one
Sport of catching the waves on a board
Trivial objection
Temporary to pretend to mark the skin for life

Puzzle 3

Menu options under different on-screen headings
Cosmetic procedure to raise up skin on cheeks
Star Trek opening: Space, the final
Norwegian region and 1965 movie The Heroes of
Power of ; person who can make decisions for you
Drafting of an intricate storyboard
Forename of the wives of Kings George II and IV
Weapons worn on a belt, for example
Cheering excitedly
Confessing one’s guilt
Géromé, washed-rind French cheese
Making a home sparkling and dust-free
Holing a putt one over par
Sketches made with pens or pencils
Figurative, representative
Public addresses, said by orators at events
Reddish-brown plover with white markings
Port city on the Gulf of Mexico founded by Cortes
Beware, be careful, stay vigilant
Scepticism or suspicion
Violin makers from Cremona
Water that comes from the sky

Puzzle 4

Activate, make a tech feature operational
Laws of ; Newton’s theory of planetary movement
The Nike logo symbol is this
Thandie of Westworld and Solo
Lyricist collaborating with Elton John: Bernie
Understand, with nautical measure allusion
They look after others’ needs, sympathetically
Who’s on First, What’s on
Famous figure who publicly promotes a charity
Where children can visit a person dressed as Santa
Common insect that has hardened wings
Written record of someone’s personal experiences
Earl of Wessex, married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999
A trip or excursion
American football team from New York
Vocalized, pronounced, enunciated
in the Park with George, Sondheim musical
Germany city, once had a wall
Three-legged camera stand
Police officer from Blyton’s Toyland
Surprise! A contraction of God’s wounds
Qualified with a set of skills
Corridor, interwar Polish route to the Baltic
Pronounced, enunciated
bar, smooth milk chocolate from Mars
Australia’s largest national park

Puzzle 5

Toffee flavor in Hokey Pokey ice cream
Gets bigger, or higher in number
1956 Olympics site, the first in the S hemisphere
Mayfair street famous for tailors Gieves & Hawkes
Name of a well-known sans-serif typeface
Small oranges
Citrus trees producing small oranges
Leader of Ireland’s Fine Gael party 2002-17
Plucky and determined
Worker who removes bituminous lumps from a mine
Round metal disc worn around the neck
Dog ; expert who communicates with canines
Skin infection, pus producing
Strict and sudden implementation of laws