Group 729

Puzzle 1

To purify fat by melting it down
80s Daryl Hannah mermaid flick
Dipping one’s upper body to show respect
E-cigarette smoking
Queen ; Merida’s mother in Brave
Giuliana ; developed flame-retardant textiles
Inhabitant of the country whose capital is Sana’a
Stay in pace with someone, don’t lag behind
Brings into line
12 constellations or signs in astrology
Fix, perhaps a broken nail
Bah, ! Disgruntled cry from Scrooge
Starred with Monroe and Curtis in Some Like it Hot
High and is to be arrogantly superior
Fragrant purple spring-blooming shrub
2019 TV Bachelorette or film actress Daryl
Another word for cloth, especially in fashion
Flat dining surfaces for eating meals on
Type of songbird or fungal infection of the mouth
Canadian singer who wrote Bad Day : Daniel
Judo mat, traditionally made of straw
Kitchen area on a ship or aircraft
Constantly worrying about something
Old term for the past participle of bind
Carve a statue

Puzzle 2

Mythological beasts, blended humans & horses
Deceiving, deliberately misleading
Coated pulp for producing coffee table books
Putting the face over a bowl of boiling water
Small shop catering to specific items
Hues made from mixing primary and secondary shades
French bowling game with boules and a jack
Clenching in awkwardness
The last A. Dumas’ unfinished novel, 1869
Extraction industry for mining fossil fuels
Green vegetable used for pickles or tea sandwiches
Snubbing, deliberately ignoring
Men, members of the lowest rank of UK nobility

Puzzle 3

Paintings and sculptures with aesthetic purpose
Paintings and sculptures appreciated for beauty
Home to Montevideo
Changed the wording
Crepe stuffed with cheese and with fruit
Artist who painted The Milkmaid
Goes up a mountain
Sir Wilfrid Canadian PM 1841 to 1919
Followed after someone, stalked
Computer accessory for outputting documents
Sir Wilfrid Canadian PM 1896–1911

Puzzle 4

Charles Floyd, a US public enemy of the 1930s
African bird of prey; lives on river life
Countryside expanse of a yellow crop
Handmade greetings with a 3D surprise
Olympic medal-winning NBA All-Star point guard
Baroque Dutch painter van Rijn
Blowhards, boasters
Witch, enchantress
City where the Rijksmuseum is located
Espresso coffee with added steamed milk
Examples of the various species of plants
I Left My Heart in San Tony Bennett crooned
Novelist who penned The Godfather
Period of darkness when Santa visits
Large G&T from Spain in a balloon glass
Warning shout that a vehicle is ready to depart
Long astronomical distance
Blockage condition causing abdominal pain
Floor accelerator that drives a sewing-machine
Prana Mudra, or energy from a yoga hand position

Puzzle 5

38th the boundary partition of Korea in 1948
Control, rule, dictate, take over
Spanish city famous for architecture and paella
24 hours off work and in bed
Hairs above the peepers, often plucked
Subterranean structure for storing vintage bottles
Medieval performer, often sang about heroics
pens, artistic biros producing glittery inks
Best clothes, worn on evenings out and to church
Shellfish that clings onto rocks, stubbornly
Sweat, leak from the pores
Tree that grows mostly in coastal swamps
Opportunities, e.g. through new doors
Having had the quality of something enhanced
Ropes used to hoist sails on ships
Gulliver’s Travels author Swift
court; mob tribunal, sham legal proceedings
Memento from a trip that a tourist might buy
Small filled soup dumplings in Jewish cuisine
Triangular upper part of classical building
Caribbean Codia shrubs or trees
Someone not in the military